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Adriana Cohen
Adriana CohenWednesday, September 28th, 2016 at 5:34am

"If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.." Not if your insurer drops out & Obamacare collapses..

Adriana Cohen
Adriana CohenWednesday, September 28th, 2016 at 2:58am

What did you make of the debate last night? Was there a winner/loser? Or a tie?
Or not that important since many voters'...

Paul M Kubera If she had to prepare and that was her best - to me she sounded like a senior senator. Trump was fair and was feeling this debate out. He knows the first one does not really matter like Obama and Romney. She plateaued he can only go up and nail her like she did at the end....which really showed me her vindictive self.
Michael Foley Trump needs to watch that tape and make corrections. He's a rambler and needs to tighten his response. Also, he needs to lighten up a bit. All she has to do is stand there and say practically nothing and the media will declare her a winner.
William Saideh Not very impressed with Trump's night. But I will say she's life long politician with plenty of experience at these and we like that Trump isn't. I expect a much better showing going forward.
Thaddeus Nelson I think it was a close call. I think Trump won the debate as he was not only facing Hillary, but also Lester Holt. I do think he went to the left a bit. Trump handled himself well and needs more of the same as he goes on. Trump 2016.
David Harris For a man who's first foray into politics and he's battling in what is tantamount to a political super bowl he did well. He neither gave up ground and he didn't lose ground. But what he did exceptionally well, with all the Monday morning quarterbacking going on, he fact checked BOTH Hillary and Lester in real time and didn't let either dress him down.
Arthur Bucholtz No matter the outcome of last nights debate trump will still win the White House guaranteed !!!!
Tony Romero I think Trump should not have interrupted. He should have patiently waited for her to finish and then go on the attack. That being said, she looked robotic and insincere with that fake smile plastered on her face. NO minds were changed last night. Those who dislike Hillary dislike her even more now and same is true of Trump haters
Brian Staschke Trump won in my book
Tony Romero and the moderator was clearly biased
Scuba Will Trump Won And Trump Will Win In Novembrr
Paul M Kubera She really took her health really personal... that was of interest. Most would laugh it off.