Did Hillary Clinton phone it in too?

boston-herald-7july2016-adriana-cohenHere’s a question FBI Director James B. Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch could enlighten us on when they appear before Congress over the next few days.

Before Comey told us Tuesday there’s nothing to see here, and Lynch formally closed the investigation yesterday, did any FBI agent or federal prosecutor happen to look at Hillary Clinton’s text messages from when she was secretary of state? And if so, why haven’t they released them?

For more than a year, there’s been a single-minded focus on Hillary Clinton’s emails. But did she text classified information on her BlackBerry and any other devices? Did she delete any of those, too?

That’s what Congress should be asking Comey when he testifies before the House Oversight Committee today, and Lynch when she goes before the Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

We already know that Clinton doesn’t follow record-keeping protocols — and that she was glued to her BlackBerry while at State.

So did the FBI even bother to investigate her phone records and comb through her text messages? How many texts were sent over her four years as secretary of state? To whom? How many texts were deleted? Were they work-related or personal? And was there any classified or even top secret content?

EPA chief Gina McCarthy was subpoenaed last year for allegedly “over-texting” her staff in order to avoid using the .Gov server, which is subject to the Freedom of Information Act. McCarthy admitted to deleting nearly 6,000 texts. She claims the texts were “personal.” Sound familiar?

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) who chaired the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology said, “Of the almost 6,000 text messages sent by Administrator McCarthy over a period of several years, it is difficult to believe that only one was related to EPA business. The EPA’s pattern of withholding, concealing and possibly destroying records must come to an end.”

Knowing that the head of one major government agency was suspected of texting to avoid creating a government email trail, it would be nothing short of gross negligence for the FBI not to investigate whether or not Clinton — who set up a private server to dodge government email — might have texted for the same reason.

Like the infamous 18 minutes of missing tape that sank President Nixon, Clinton’s texts could hold a treasure trove of material information — perhaps even more than her rogue servers.

The public deserves answers, and Congress must demand them from Comey. In the meantime, given her track record of extreme carelessness, Clinton’s security clearances should be immediately revoked, as a matter of national security.

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