Foreign policy inexperience proving costly

By August 24, 2014Uncategorized

So much for President Obama calling ISIS a “JV” team.

Taking over parts of Iraq and Syria is no work of an amateur, that’s for sure. And now, the brutal terror group Boko Haram, who hasn’t been getting much attention lately with the continuous mass atrocities by ISIS, has just declared an Islamist caliphate state in Nigeria.

The big question — and fear — running through everyone’s mind is, what countries or regions of the world will ISIS take over next?

Obama’s military strategy of containment obviously isn’t working. A Nigerian caliphate is proof that the Islamist State is already spreading to Africa and beyond. The growing consensus from both sides of the aisle is that America will have to go to war again in Iraq, and possibly in Syria. Worth remembering is that all of the horrors we’re now witnessing in Iraq could’ve been prevented if Obama had listened to his top military advisers and the former White House administration who strongly recommended to Obama in 2008 to leave behind as many as 20,000 residual troops in Iraq — after the war was won by the Bush administration and our brave troops.

But no, Obama, the foreign policy novice, wanted out. Completely. And now the world sees clearly that with no American troops present to keep ISIS at bay, it has now slaughtered untold thousands of Iraqis, multiplied enormously in size and funding and has taken over large swaths of Iraq and Syria while spreading its terror sphere of influence around the world.

This is what America gets when they elect a community organizer with zero foreign policy experience.

The truth is, Obama is worse at foreign policy than Jimmy Carter. But here’s the kicker: The stakes are higher today. With a weak, lead-from-behind president, Iran is getting a nuke and proliferating powerful, long-range ballistic missiles capable of reaching Israel. Brutal Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has already slaughtered more than 150,000 people under Obama’s watch. Russian President Vladimir Putin is aggressively annexing countries, and ISIS is on the fast track to creating its very own Terror State.

And let’s not forget China. Last weekend a Chinese fighter jet barrel-rolled over one of our Navy planes — coming dangerously close. Think they’re afraid of our incessant golfing and fundraising commander in chief?

We’d be fools to sit on our hands and pretend these national security dangers aren’t real.

My hope is that in November and in 2016, Americans elect experienced leaders — with a spine. Doves need not apply.

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