Haters love to bash Trumps

Keeping a marriage afloat until death do we part isn’t easy for any couple — a sobering fact the nationwide divorce rate can attest to.

Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr. have the day-to-day grind and responsibility of raising five young kids.

Now add the pressures of living in a spotlight — choose your own intense scrutiny metaphor. Factor in the bitter hatred of half the nation. Pile on the Twitter and Facebook vitriol. Don’t forget the endless, inescapable nattering of the anti-Trump media, and a special prosecutor fishing around for something, anything to charge a Trump scion with. Then throw in a hospitalization after opening an envelope of frightening powder — effectively mimicking the anthrax mailing scare of the early 2000 — sent by a Beverly man with a history of obsessing over celebs and pols.

It’s no wonder the couple’s 13-year marriage may be on the rocks, as friends reportedly have told the New York Post.

Who wouldn’t feel the strain?

Presidential relatives, at least as far back as Billy Carter and Roger Clinton, have found themselves under the media microscope — and many cracked. Generations of Kennedys struggled with substance abuse and bad behavior in a family that lived under constant public attention. Betty Ford and Kitty Dukakis both famously fought their own demons.

Privacy is the first thing elected officials and extended family members lose.

Next is a sense of security, with so many unhinged haters out there in a highly partisan environment.

Yes, many Americans who struggle to make ends meet each week might not feel very sorry for super-wealthy politicos who can afford household help and other indulgences many of us cannot. Fair enough.

But no one — especially a mother of young children like Vanessa Trump — should ever have to think twice about opening the mail.

That’s sick — and a bridge too far.

The Trumps have been hounded, and it doesn’t seem likely that the media, the partisan haters or even that special counsel are much inclined to give this young family a break.

It’s the least we can do.

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