Joe Biden needs to retire before allegations of unwanted touching get out of hand

Welcome to the club #CreepyJoe.

While Joe Biden stood noticeably silent while the president and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh were subjected to a stream of unsubstantiated, if not totally debunked sexual misconduct allegations, the former Veep now knows how it feels to have the #MeToo brigade wage its own jihad on the Democratic front-runner.

Hard to feel sorry for the guy since not once did handsy Joe, who’s inappropriately touched, kissed and by definition harassed countless women — including minors — over the years, extend the presumption of innocence to conservative men.

Now karma is working in mysterious ways making Biden mop up his own mess as a line of women are coming forth with tales of unwanted hugs, touching, kissing, hair sniffing and wait for it … nose rubbing, something Eskimos do in igloos.

But perhaps the most shocking and hypocritical thing to transpire is the number of progressive women — stalwarts of the #MeToo movement — who told us “all women must be believed” when it came to Kavanaugh and others, who are now defending Biden.

Because he’s a Democrat and “the rules” surrounding sexual harassment don’t apply to their own, liberal feminists by and large just move the goal posts.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski has been running defense for Biden. Same with Obama’s former top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, The View’s Whoopi Goldberg and Alyssa Milano — just to name a few. Add to it the Women’s March crowd who furiously knitted pink hats in protest of Kavanaugh during the Supreme Court justice’s nomination hearings. If you’ve noticed they’ve gone underground — radio silent — just like when they gave Bill Clinton a pass for sexually harassing a young intern.

No matter. Voters are smart. They get how the #MeToo movement has become a political cudgel to be used selectively against political rivals versus holding everyone to the same standard.

Bottom line: Voters can’t “unsee” all the #CreepyJoe videos and photos online that will haunt him throughout a potential presidential campaign. Biden should announce his retirement before a dozen more women come forward writing his political obituary for him.

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