School officials need refresher on First Amendment

Who needs the Salem witch trials when you’ve got Babson College school officials throwing unfounded accusations of racism and homophobia at two of its students, then banning them from campus based on hearsay?

Babson officials should be ashamed of themselves. They didn’t bother to get the facts before attacking the young men’s reputations and traumatizing them for simply driving around neighboring Wellesley College with a Donald Trump sign post election and saying “Make America Great Again.”

Who knew an expression of free speech would have school officials engaging in a public character assassination?

When hearing allegations of misconduct, did school officials give the Trump-supporting students the benefit of the doubt? Of course not. That would take unbiased, responsible adults who value their students’ First Amendment rights.

Instead, Babson President Kerry Healey and school brass responded to allegations of slurs in an irresponsible knee-jerk fashion.

Can you imagine if Facebook and Twitter were around during the Inquisition? Babson school officials — including Healey — would convict everyone based on rumors and any post of the day.

How would you feel if your child was falsely accused of such behavior?

No Americans should have to tolerate having their characters assassinated for the entire world to see because thin-skinned liberals can’t handle two students driving around in a truck celebrating Trump’s victory.

Campuses today, once safe havens for free speech, have been hijacked by reckless agenda-pushing students — and in this case, the administration and faculty was too willing to play along.

I don’t care how you vote — this behavior is unacceptable. Period.

The two students should sue the school and Healey should resign immediately. Reckless administrators shouldn’t be running Babson. Responsible adults should.

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