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Adriana Cohen is a syndicated columnist, national TV commentator and a former radio talk show host. Adriana’s weekly column appears in newspapers and media outlets nationwide including Fox News, The New York Post, Real Clear Politics and many others via the Creators Syndicate.

As a former Boston Herald columnist, Adriana has written hundreds of columns on diverse topics of interest and her articles were often the front-page splash and picked up by major media. Adriana has appeared on cable news and broadcast TV shows hundreds of times, covering politics, current events, breaking news, terrorism, foreign policy, business, women’s issues, the environment and innumerable other topics of interest. National TV outlets build segments off Adriana’s columns and invite her on-air to discuss.

Adriana has covered the midterm elections, presidential primaries, the 2012 and 2016 general election, gubernatorial, Senate and mayoral races, the Trump administration, the 2020 election, the Biden Administration and other current events impacting our world.

In addition to writing and TV commentary, Adriana hosted “The Adriana Cohen Show,” on Boston Herald Radio, which attracted top guests across industries. Adriana has interviewed President Donald Trump, presidential candidates, major politicians, the head of the CIA, ambassadors, pro and Olympic athletes, CEOs, MIT scientists and countless experts across industries. She’s also interviewed award-winning musicians, philanthropists, celebrities, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelists, best-selling authors, national TV hosts and many other influencers shaping our world.

In February 2017, the White House invited Adriana to join the daily press briefing and in 2019 was invited to the Oval Office to meet President Trump who respects her voice and professionalism. Media outlets often quote Adriana and her columns are shared on social media by Congress and government leaders including former President Trump and his Administration.

A sought-after speaker and mentor, Adriana has spoken at Harvard University, mentored Harvard undergraduate women in business and sits on leadership panels.

Adriana has appeared on the Fox News Channel, Fox Business, MSNBC, CNN, CBC, BBC, NPR, “The Sean Hannity Show,” Sky News, NESN, Real America’s Voice News, Voice of Russia, The Blaze, Newsmax TV, Sirius XM radio, NECN, WCVB-TV, One America News Network (OANN), NRA News, WGBH and countless other TV and radio outlets.

Versatility of experience and no nonsense straight talk delivered in an informative, honest and entertaining manner is one of the many strengths that makes Adriana an appealing and sought-after commentator on both radio and television.
Prior to joining the Boston Herald, Adriana was a lead GOP political analyst for CBS Radio, covering the 2012 presidential and vice presidential debates and election night and appearing for the “Talk the Vote” series. She also covered the U.S. Senate special election, New York City mayoral and comptroller political races, and many other diverse topics of interest on-air.

Adriana has appeared on the following news outlets:

  • Hannity | Fox News
  • The Evening Edit w/ Elizabeth MacDonald | Fox Business
  • America’s Newsroom Headquarters | Fox News
  • Fox & Friends | Fox News
  • The Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham | Fox News
  • Coast to Coast with Neil Cavuto | Fox Business
  • Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney | Fox Business
  • Your World w/Cavuto | Fox News
  • Justice w/Judge Jeanine | Fox News
  • Making Money with Charles Payne | Fox Business
  • Mornings with Maria Bartiromo | Fox Business
  • Trish Regan Primetime | Fox Business
  • FBN Risk & Reward
  • MSNBC Weekends
  • MSNBC w/ Alex Witt
  • Lou Dobbs Tonight | Fox Business
  • CBS News
  • Fox Business News
  • CNN’s Newsroom
  • The Lead w/Jake Tapper | CNN
  • CNN Don Lemon
  • CNN Weekend
  • The Deep Dive on Fox Nation
  • The Quiz Show on Fox Nation
  • The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly
  • No Spin Zone w/ Bill O’Reilly | Fox News
  • Dr. Gina Primetime | Real America’s Voice News
  • Boston Herald Radio’s Morning Meeting
  • The Ed Morrissey Show
  • The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC)
  • FBN’s The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan
  • High Noon
  • Sky News
  • Sports Town
  • Sweeney & Malone
  • Press Party (Boston Herald Radio)
  • BBC Radio
For booking inquiries please contact Adriana at info@adrianacohen.com.

A lifelong philanthropist supporting innumerable charities nationwide, Adriana lives in Massachusetts with her husband a successful software entrepreneur and their children.

For Media & Speaking Inquiries please visit the Contact page.

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