ACLU’s wrong to ignore abuse against the right

The American Civil Liberties Union is little more than a fundraising arm and mouthpiece for the DNC.

The national nonprofit organization is supposed to champion civil liberties for all — but a series of high-profile events that have played out over the past week have highlighted how that’s hardly the case.

When President Trump announced his sweeping executive order on immigration that paused travel from seven Muslim-majority countries and temporarily halted the nation’s refugee program, the ACLU didn’t waste a minute in strongly condemning his actions on social media and filing suit. Their public opposition to the order led to millions in donations aimed at fighting Trump tooth and nail.

But when thugs, anarchists and arsonists rioted at the University of California, Berkeley to prevent gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at their liberal campus, the ACLU was silent. Clearly the ACLU only believes in protecting free speech when non-conservatives are doing the talking.

 So much for pro-diversity. Like many liberals, the ACLU pretends to be tolerant but blatantly practices intolerance toward anyone with differing viewpoints.
 The ACLU didn’t denounce the violent protesters at Berkeley, who trampled the speaker’s right to free speech and caused nearly $100,000 in property damage.

When former vice presidential candidate and U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine fanned the flames by telling his Democrat supporters to “fight in the streets” against Trump’s policies, it was once again crickets from the ACLU. But then again, he’s a card-carrying liberal, he gets a pass.

Then there were the riots at New York University Thursday night, where out-of-control protesters smashed windows and destroyed public property to keep Gavin McInnes, another conservative, from speaking at the college. And despite 11 arrests, the ACLU said nothing.

Why? Because the ACLU cherry-picks issues that support a liberal political narrative.

When a Trump campaign office in North Carolina was firebombed last fall, did the ACLU defend Republicans’ right to political speech? Did they denounce the “Kill Your Local Trump Supporter” graffiti that was spray-painted in Mission Hill last fall?

Nope, they looked the other way. But you can bet if a Syrian refugee’s rights are being violated, they’ll go ballistic.

The ACLU should change its name to the ACLUFS. American Civil Liberties Union — For Some.

Adriana Cohen

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