Adriana Cohen: Standing for true diversity

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At a time in our nation when political correctness is silencing diversity of thought, including conservative voices on college campuses, the Boston Herald has given me a powerful platform.

As a syndicated columnist, my columns will now be carried by newspapers and media outlets throughout the country and around the world.

I tell young female students I mentor at Harvard University and beyond that they shouldn’t be afraid to speak their minds — even if their views are different than others. Young Americans must stay true to their convictions and not be frightened or bullied into silence.

Groupthink is dangerous.

So is failing to challenge destructive ideologies, policies or even ill-conceived wars. It hurts us all. We should all speak up and be heard without fear of backlash for being different.

We’ve learned throughout history that mob rule can lead to chaos. Imagine if no one had the guts to challenge dictators, generals and terrorists.

I’m proud that in the very liberal state of Massachusetts I have not been afraid to support our president or express my conservative opinions. I’m equally proud of the Herald, our top-notch editors and publisher for truly protecting free speech by not muting me or watering down my opinions in fear of losing readers or offending someone.

The fact that a conservative columnist’s content is resonating, even in the bluest state in the nation, is proof that there is a strong thirst for diverse opinions beyond what educational institutions and mainstream media spoon-feed us on a daily basis.

Herald readers have propeled me to becoming a syndicated columnist and I want to thank you all. I also want to thank Joe Sciacca, Pat Purcell, Joe Dwinell, John Strahinich, Jules Crittenden, Owen Boss, Jenny Miller, Tom Shattuck, Boston Herald Radio and the many talented, dedicated colleagues I work with here at the Herald. This would not have been possible without their support and encouragement. I also want to thank my family and friends who’ve cheered me on from the start.

Every day that our nation empowers one woman, they empower many by inspiring others to carve their own path, without fear.

Fear isn’t in my vocabulary and it shouldn’t be in yours.

Adriana Cohen

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Adriana Cohen is a nationally syndicated columnist and tv commenator. Adriana’s weekly column appears in newspapers and media outlets nationwide including Fox News, the New York Post, and many others via the Creators Syndicate. To learn more, visit the About page.