After Sen. Warren’s slurs, Elon Musk should leave left-biased Twitter

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Surprise! Twitter is showing its political bias … once again. Will the social media network, run by rabid left-wing political activists, ever be held accountable for rigging the platform against conservatives and those who dare to think for themselves to keep Democrats in power?

Don’t hold your breath.

According to Twitter’s “rules,” Senator Karen, otherwise known as Elizabeth Warren, should be “fact-checked” by the network and/or get her account suspended for spreading misinformation and defamatory smears against Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk.

Recently, the failed Democratic presidential candidate who couldn’t even win her home state of Massachusetts (she came in third place) during the primary, lobbed a left hook at the visionary, tweeting, “Let’s change the rigged tax code so The Person of the Year will actually pay taxes and stop freeloading off everyone else.”

Warren launched the unprovoked attack on the same day Time magazine announced Musk was its 2021 Person of the Year. Was the fake American Indian — who falsely claimed to be Native American to advance her career in academia — jealous the entrepreneur was bestowed the honor, not herself? Perhaps. But what we do know is that her false and misleading statement accusing Musk of being a “freeloader” warrants action by Twitter for violating its purported “rules,” given the billionaire does indeed pay his taxes.

How does $11 billion sound?

On Sunday Musk tweeted, “For those wondering, I will pay over $11 billion in taxes this year,” to his 67 million followers. Is that astronomical sum — the highest individual tax bill in American history — enough for greedy left-wing socialists like Senator Karen? Or should Musk be required to donate his first born to the IRS also?

According to a June report from ProPublica, Musk didn’t pay federal taxes in 2018 yet that is due to the fact that the jobs creator doesn’t take a salary and reportedly didn’t sell any stock at the time, so no federal taxes were owed that year. So, what is Warren crowing about exactly? Musk and other U.S. taxpayers follow tax laws that Congress creates. If the Massachusetts senator doesn’t like the tax code, then it is her job to pass legislation changing the law — not lashing out against those in compliance.

Sound reasonable?

That said, Warren has advanced her political career by railing against the rich for not paying enough taxes, yet here in Massachusetts, the multimillionaire “socialist” whose net worth is estimated to be a cool $12 million, according to Forbes, declined an option to pay more state taxes. Since 2002, Massachusetts tax filers can choose to pay an optional higher state tax of 5.85% than a lower rate required by law — if they want to pay more to the government — yet the former Harvard professor declined. In April 2012, the Boston Globe reported, “Elizabeth Warren acknowledged this morning that she does not pay a voluntary higher tax rate on her state income taxes, a question her campaign had previously refused to answer.” In 2019, the Washington Free Beacon said, “Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) opted out of paying the voluntary higher tax rate in Massachusetts until 2017, saving her and her husband more than $50,000 over a decade.”

Translation: Paying more taxes is other people’s responsibility, not her own.

All said, to date, Twitter hasn’t fact-checked Warren’s post. Why not? Remember, this is a social media network that gleefully fact-checks, censors and bans conservatives en masse, including former President Donald Trump and respected newspapers like the New York Post, without hesitation, yet it’s turning a blind eye to Warren’s spread of misinformation. You don’t say …

Alas, Musk should tweet to the Twitter overlords and ask why they haven’t issued a fact check or suspended Warren’s account for spreading misinformation about his tax contributions and smearing him with wrongful accusations of being a “freeloader.” If Twitter doesn’t, at minimum, fact-check Warren and demand she take her tweet down against Musk, he should quit Twitter and encourage his millions of followers to do the same in protest.

Here’s why: In America, free speech is a core pillar in a democracy — a founding principle for liberty enshrined in the Constitution. One simply doesn’t have freedom if we don’t have freedom to think for ourselves or to speak publicly. Hence, when Twitter, Facebook and other Big Tech companies silence conservatives — or anyone they disagree with — on their almighty platforms, they bring America one step closer to living in a totalitarian state like Communist China.

All the more reason Musk should use his enormous influence to insist Twitter and other social media networks hold Democratic politicians such as Warren accountable to the same “rules” they apply to others. Big Tech’s failure to apply its “rules” equally warrants a boycott of these networks once and for all. I quit Twitter in protest of its biased, out-of-control censorship last January.

Will Musk do the same?

Adriana Cohen

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