Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a good dancer, clueless on tax policy

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should’ve been a professional dancer —not a U.S. Congresswoman.

Dancing is something the youngest member of the new 116th Congress is actually good at, as evidenced by a video that went viral last week displaying her deft dance moves atop a roof while attending Boston University. But when it comes to steering America’s future as a lawmaker her lack of understanding of how our government works, of history and even rudimentary knowledge of the U.S. tax code is something the radical Democrat-Socialist is sorely missing.

Take her recent interview with Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes.” Clueless Cortez, who once worked for the late U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, said she wants a tax system where the rich “at the tippity top” pay more. Um … hello but that’s a progressive tax system already in place in America.

Does the Bernie Sanders-backed U.S. Representative from the Bronx — who wants to abolish ICE — not know there’s seven federal tax brackets in the 2018 U.S. tax code and that the “rich” already pay the lion’s share of taxes? In fact nearly 50% of Americans don’t pay income taxes at all.

It gets worse. In the TV interview, the Democratic National Committee’s “Mini Maduro” —whose social and economic policies are more in-line with Venezuelan Socialist President Nicolas Maduro than JFK — said she wants to tax wealthy Americans 70% to fund a utopian climate crusade she calls a “Green New Deal” where the U.S. exclusively uses renewable energy to achieve zero CO2 emissions.

Clearly she’s unaware of the mass Yellow Vest protests that since November have been fighting French President Macron’s left wing environmental taxes.

Does she realize that in addition to tanking the U.S. economy and destroying millions of tax producing jobs it would mean Democrat one-percenters like Hillary Clinton, former VP Joe Biden and Sanders would all have to stop flying private jets fueled by — gasp — fossil fuels?

Or that mega wealthy Democrats like John Kerry would have to fork over 70% of their income to Uncle Sam? Good luck with that. Voters remember when the former Secretary of State docked his yacht in RI—to avoid paying MA taxes.

Bottom line: Democrats would be wise to dance away from this radical before she pushes non-fringe voters right into Trump’s arms in 2020.


Adriana Cohen

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