An ‘Austere Religious Scholar’ Exemplifies Fake News

By October 31, 2019November 4th, 2019Foreign Policy, Liberal Bias, Terrorism

This week’s death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi marked a monumental victory for mankind. We eliminated a brutal murderer, rapist and madman from causing more unspeakable harm to men, women and children. His death also highlighted how corrupt mainstream media has become, which should alarm every American.

Take The Washington Post’s headline last Sunday following Baghdadi’s death. Instead of accurately saying, for example, that the Islamic State leader was responsible for a terror movement that brutally murdered tens of thousands of innocent people, set human beings on fire in cages and beheaded Americans — while fueling a mass refugee crisis — the newspaper described the evil murderer as an “austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State,” a deceptive whitewashing of his heinous crimes against humanity.

“Boy, they’ve lost their way,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said of the newspaper during an interview this week on Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

“It was sick to do that,” Pompeo continued. “This is a man who killed hundreds.” Al-Baghdadi also tortured and raped Kayla Mueller, a young American humanitarian aid worker taken captive by ISIS in Syria in 2013. She was later killed.

There was also no mention in the Post’s headline about another American, James Foley — who was beheaded by the extremist group — the homosexuals thrown off rooftops or the genocide inflicted upon thousands of Yazidis in northern Iraq, whose women and children were abducted by Islamic State militants and forced into sex slavery.

“An austere religious scholar” was how the left-leaning outlet described its leader.

Now contrast that with how the Post, owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, covered the Covington Catholic High School students on a school trip to the nation’s capital last January. Although the teens did nothing wrong — other than attend a March for Life rally while wearing “Make America Great Again” hats in support of the president — the Post and other lefty media outlets, including CNN, portrayed the boys in heinously derogatory terms.

The innocent teens’ alleged “crime?” Smiling while wearing MAGA baseball caps.

For that, scores of left-wing media pundits and outlets made the teens out to be racists and disrespectful to a veteran on site that day who, it turns out, has a blemished past of lying about his military service and making other false statements.

One of the teenagers smeared by the Post is Nicholas Sandmann. This week, District Judge William Bertelsman of Kentucky ruled he was allowing Sandmann’s defamation lawsuit against the outlet to continue.

Not only were the teenagers wrongfully defamed by members of the media, but as a result, the students were verbally attacked, threatened and vilified by mobs of bullies, according to Sandmann’s lawyers.

The fallout from the media pile-on and unfounded smears was so great that Covington Catholic High School had to close for several days — denying its entire student body an education — given the threats and harassment the students were subjected to in the aftermath.

But al-Baghdadi? He’s an “austere religious scholar,” according to the Post — something all Americans should remember the next time the president assails the media for manufacturing and spreading “fake news.” You don’t have look very far to see he’s right.

With each passing day, the mainstream media — more inclined to push a left-leaning political narrative than tell readers the truth — is destroying its own credibility. Its despicable coverage of the one of the most heinous terrorists in modern history is just the latest installment.

Adriana Cohen

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