‘Angel Mom’: Donald Trump truly cares about Americans

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There is no good reason that Massachusetts mom Maureen Maloney was onstage with Donald Trump in Phoenix Wednesday night.

It is unforgiveable that she and the other parents of children killed by illegal aliens were ever put in that position, to have to take a political stage to fight so no one else should experience what they have.

Maloney was there because her son, Matthew Denice, 23, of Milford, was dragged to death by a drunk-driving illegal Ecuadorian — Nicholas Dutan Guaman — who had no license and no business being in this country.

Maloney blames the politicians and bureaucrats who have done nothing — whose policies have in fact encouraged illegals to flood across our borders.

“All deaths by illegal aliens are preventable because they shouldn’t have been here to begin with,” Maloney told me last night. “I know President Obama has tied the hands of law enforcement, ICE and border patrol, and won’t let them do their jobs.”

It’s a familiar story to Herald readers. The nation learned about her son’s plight Wednesday night. In 2011, Denice, who had just graduated from Fitchburg State University, was run over by an illegal immigrant with a long rap sheet. Had U.S. Immigration officials deported Matt’s killer, he wouldn’t have been in the Bay State driving drunk the day he stuck Matthew’s motorcycle and dragged her son a quarter-mile to his death.

Maloney and many other American parents who have lost children to illegal aliens are voting for Donald Trump on Nov. 8.

The Angel Moms want a president who will secure the border, overhaul the broken immigration system and not allow rapists, murderers and other criminals to enter our country. If they do sneak in, they’ll be deported, not coddled in law-averse, taxpayer-funded sanctuary cities.

“I belong to the Remembrance Project, an organization comprised of families whose loved ones have been murdered by illegal aliens,” Maloney told me. “During the presidential primaries we reached out to every presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush … the entire presidential field including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump was the only one who met with us. We got silence from every other candidate on both sides of the aisle. Trump was the only one who cared.

“I met Donald Trump last year for the first time when he announced his candidacy. He was very authentic. As a parent himself, he was pained by our pain. There were a few families who met with him including my family. In a private setting he’s very warm. He truly does care about Americans and our families … Had Trump been President in 2011 I firmly believe my son Matthew would still be alive.

“This can happen to any one of us,” Maloney said. “And I want to put an end to it.”

God bless all the Angel Moms and families who had their loved ones stolen from them due to failed leadership in Washington.

America can do better.

Adriana Cohen

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