Attacks on whistleblower hypocritical

By July 29, 2015August 18th, 2015Liberal Bias

A third highly damaging video surfaced yesterday of Planned Parenthood’s disturbing practice of harvesting tissue from aborted 

Enough already. A full investigation by Congress should follow — today.

Despite the mounting allegations, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards recently went on television attempting 
to smear the messenger by attacking the makers of the undercover videos, The Center for Medical Progress.

It’s an age-old misdirection play to change the subject.

And now California’s Democratic Attorney General Kamala Harris and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch have been asked by four Democratic congresswomen to investigate The Center for Medical Progress.

Harris, a California paper reported, said her 
office will “review any materials” filed by The Center for Medical Progress “with the Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts to determine whether the organization violated laws.”

You read that right. They are already going 
after the whistleblower.

Yet, when former presidential candidate Mitt Romney was caught on tape making his controversial 47 percent comment during the 2012 campaign, lapdog media and left-wing groups eviscerated him for it. They never let the focus be about who secretly taped the recording or what their deceptive intent to hurt the GOP or Mitt Romney was.

The same thing happened with Edward Snowden. The former National Security Agency contractor leaked classified documents detailing America’s snooping. His civil disobedience had people calling for his head, but his case has also changed the way our government does surveillance.

Again, the Obama administration is set on throwing Snowden in jail. Whistleblowers aren’t popular in his eyes, even when they tell the truth.

But when it comes to Planned Parenthood, it appears as though a double standard is emerging. Is it because Planned Parenthood is the darling agency of female liberal progressives?

Planned Parenthood also donates heavily to Democratic campaigns. That could also be why these undercover exposes are being dismissed by the left.

How many more videos need to be released before we stop looking for someone to blame and start investigating Planned Parenthood?

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