Ban It All

By October 20, 2017November 20th, 2017Politics, Pop Culture

No nation can govern by catering to everyone’s feelings. But thanks to political correctness promulgated by freedom haters, our country has gone from the United States of America to the United “Safe Space” of America, where anything that anyone finds offensive can be removed, banned or scrubbed from history.

This is beyond a slippery slope. It’s an anti-liberty, anti-capitalist movement — to destroy America.

It began with “snowflakes” suppressing words and phrases they found offensive. Then the left engaged in censorship and discrimination by banning conservative speakers on college campuses. Now we’re seeing statues come down and our nation’s history sanitized because some consider them “symbols of oppression.” Whether one agrees with Confederate statues coming down or not, we must acknowledge we’re on an unsustainable path.

Looking at the big picture, it is simply impossible to cater to the feelings and sensitivities of all 323 million Americans, who have diverse backgrounds, various religions, contrasting political affiliations and other socio-economic and cultural differences. Imagine if every citizen made a list of words, songs, monuments, books, films, holidays and other cultural and historical references he or she finds offensive. Should we — in the spirit of equality, with everyone’s feelings taken into account — ban, censor or remove anything and everything?

If so, stand back and watch our country implode — along with the U.S. economy.

Seeing as liberals want a culture and politic led by coddling feelings, let’s begin with a massive protest outside Apple’s headquarters, demanding the company remove every rap song from its iTunes catalog. Surely, we could find plenty of women offended by rap’s misogynist, sexist lyrics. While we’re at it, let’s ban all music — of any genre — anyone finds offensive. Patriotic songs? That’s “white nationalism.” Songs that contain lyrics about women’s looks and bodies? That’s objectifying women.

Say goodbye to rock ‘n’ roll.

Next let’s move the protest to Amazon and demand the online retailing giant remove for sale every book that has a word or theme in it someone — anyone — finds objectionable. Say farewell to Amazon’s book catalog and massive revenues that go with it. Also bid adieu to libraries, bookstores, authors and the entire publishing industry. Then we should give Hollywood, Netflix and all content providers, including the gaming industry, the same treatment.

All those movies and video games with guns, weapons and violence? Ban them. Violence is wrong, so surely one can make a case that we shouldn’t glorify it. Sexy love scenes? Foul language? Provocative clothing worn by ingenues? If we’re in the business of allowing political correctness to dictate our culture and economy, we can find plenty of people offended by all of the above.

But let’s not stop with destroying the entertainment, music and publishing industries.

Let’s ban football, hockey, boxing and wrestling at schools and colleges because too many feminists think these testosterone-fueled sports represent “toxic masculinity.” It’s worth noting that if these sports are banned, college football and all media outlets that broadcast sports should be, too.

And while we’re in the cultural business of assuaging everyone’s feelings, let’s ban museums, because one could surely find a historical or cultural reference that someone, somewhere finds offensive.

Shut it all down.

Including costly infrastructure. Let’s remove any references to Christopher Columbus. Let’s rename the George Washington Bridge, along with every other bridge, park, monument, building or street named after someone whom someone else finds offensive.

And there you have it. The beginning of the end of our great nation. The “fall of Rome.”

When you cater to one person’s feelings — in the spirit of fairness and equality — you must cater to everyone’s feelings.

With 323 million of us, that’s the death of America.

Adriana Cohen

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