Best way to defeat ISIS is to enjoy the holidays

By December 24, 2016January 3rd, 2017National Security, Terrorism

In the face of escalating threats from ISIS, we cannot allow these barbaric animals to win by making us afraid to go to church or practice our religion this holiday season.

The FBI put out a bulletin yesterday alerting authorities that ISIS has put out a list of thousands of churches, encouraging jihadists to attack throughout the nation. They provided addresses, too.

Yet, although we have to pay attention to any credible threat and stay vigilant, we should enjoy our religious celebrations and not allow fear to compromise our way of life. Because when that happens — when Christians stop going to church and Jews stop going to synagogue — the terrorists win.

It’s no secret — except perhaps to President Obama — that radical Islam’s mission is religious cleansing. Like the Nazis, ISIS is slaughtering anyone who doesn’t subscribe to an ultra-violent ideology that burns humans alive in cages and forces children to be suicide bombers.

ISIS is heinous, pure and simple. And that’s why Americans — and Western civilization — are blessed that Donald Trump will take control of the West Wing in just a few weeks.

On Obama’s watch, ISIS jihadists have raped women and girls, tortured thousands and sought to commit genocide. Yet throughout that reign of terror, Obama has refused to call the threat by its real name — radical Islam. Instead he’s allowed law enforcement to scrub the words terrorism, jihadist, Islam from training manuals.

The president should be holding press conferences telling Americans the Islamic State is waging a Holy War against us and our allies.

After all, how can we win this war if we’re not allowed to acknowledge the driving force behind it?

Luckily, help is on its way. It took Jimmy Carter to bring us Ronald Reagan and now it has taken Barack Obama to bring us Donald Trump, a leader who has vowed to bring the fight to ISIS and eviscerate this evil once and for all.

Until that time comes, all observing Americans should enjoy the holiday season. Gather with your family and friends, exchange your gifts, go to your place of worship and enjoy your festivities.

Don’t let crazy, barbaric terrorists win.

We win by lighting your menorahs and Christmas trees. God bless us all, everyone, this holiday season.

Adriana Cohen

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