Biden Must Fire Psaki

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Progressives demand that conservatives practice tolerance — at all times — and if they dare to say or post anything on social media that strays from politically correct speech, then they risk being “canceled” from society. The offender may lose their jobs and livelihoods, get blacklisted in Hollywood or be run out of corporate America. 

Roseanne Barr is one such example. In 2018, her hit TV show, “Roseanne,” was abruptly canceled by ABC following a controversial tweet directed at a former Obama administration adviser. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg — if you’re a libertarian like Barr or lean right. 

It’s commonplace that if you’re a professional athlete or play college sports, you risk being booted from your sports leagues over one bad tweet or post. And for nonathletes, one may be kicked out of college or see their hard-won acceptance to an Ivy League university revoked no matter how long ago the offensive transgression transpired. It doesn’t matter if you were a young, immature teenager. 

If you’re a conservative, then your life and reputation could be permanently tarnished.

But that’s not the only penalty. If any conservative posts a homophobic or transphobic slur, for example, they will be swiftly banned from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other Big Tech platforms — possibly forever. Good riddance! 

However, apparently, if you hold a top position in the Biden administration, you’re permitted to tweet homophobic smears against U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham — and suffer no consequences. Talk about a rigged system! 

In a recently unearthed tweet from last August, Biden’s liberal press secretary Jen Psaki — a former CNN contributor — tweeted, “Only in 2020 does #LadyG get to push a bunch of debunked conspiracy theories while questioning @SallyQYates (aka an American hero).”

Psaki mocked Graham’s sexual identity and harassed him, actions that unequivocally violate Big Tech’s terms of service. Others who commit similar offensive acts face suspension of their accounts or worse, being de-platformed by these networks. Biden’s spokeswoman also spread a conspiracy theory that Graham is a cross-dressing homosexual despite his public statements saying otherwise. Back in 2018, following a homophobic slur by another liberal, Chelsea Handler, Graham told a TMZ reporter: “She knows zero about me. To the extent that it matters, I’m not gay.” 

So, at minimum, Psaki spread fake news about Graham’s sexual orientation while appearing to shame and bully the GOP lawmaker “out of the closet,” despite it being none of her business — or anyone else’s for that matter — what is his sexual preference or identity. Make no mistake. Graham’s sexuality isn’t the issue. Who he chooses to love, and how he chooses to identify, is his prerogative. 

The issue is the appalling double standard and hypocrisy in America today. Conservatives and libertarians are held to completely different standards than progressives. It’s an unfair and unequal system that’s tearing apart the fabric of our nation.

Here’s what should happen: Psaki should be held to the same standards as all Americans. Twitter and other social media should shut her accounts like they do to others, and President Joe Biden should issue a statement condemning her homophobic tweets while announcing her replacement. Or Biden’s press secretary should apologize to Lindsay Graham and be given a second chance in the court of public opinion — as should all Americans guilty of offensive speech. If the Biden administration truly seeks to unify the country, it cannot perpetuate this arbitrary system that punishes some for speech that’s repugnant and not others based on political affiliation. 

That’s an irrefutable form of discrimination. 

Bottom line: Until progressives practice tolerance and hold members of their own party to the same standards as others, they have lost the moral authority needed to lead the nation. 

Adriana Cohen

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