Big carbon footprints filled by liberal phonies

By January 23, 2015February 12th, 2015Climate Change, Liberal Bias

Is there anything worse than a hypocrite?

Well scores of them flew into Davos, Switzerland, this week for the World Economic Forum — on private jets — where a major theme is climate change.

Yes, that’s right. Billionaires and millionaires who claim to be champions of the environment, had no trouble blowing out the ozone and guzzling tons of dirty fossil fuels en route to preach about global warming.

I guess reducing one’s carbon footprint only applies to the little people.

These are the same one-percenters — many of them supporters of U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren — who have zero remorse lobbying Congress to destroy the coal industry and all the jobs that go with it.

Many of them also support blocking the Keystone XL pipeline because, according to them, it’s “ bad” for the environment — despite reports stating otherwise. But when it comes to their own personal “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” the environmental rules don’t apply. Why would they?

Liberal elites live by one motto: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

These fat cats live in Goliath mansions, own big yachts, take countless fossil-fuel-burning vacations and wouldn’t dare use mass transportation. That is beneath them. It’s no wonder these phonies have zero credibility in so many peoples’ eyes. Do you blame anyone?

Here’s a newsflash: Talk is cheap.

If global warming alarmists and climate change activists want to preach about saving Mother Earth, how about walking the walk? Ditch the limousines, the yachts and private jets and join the rest of us in coach. And yes, Hollywood babes, you can wear a dress more than once. That would be called recycling.

Why don’t you try it the next time you’re on the Red Carpet?

Anyone can “pretend” to be a steward of the environment, but when a global warming alarmist like Al Gore buys a massive boat, a bunch of us street smart realists have some issues with that.

Here’s the deal: Protecting the environment is a noble goal. We should all be doing our part to live responsibly and protect natures’ resources. But when liberal progressive politicians, Democrat fat cats and Hollywood elites push for thousands of job-killing regulations while blowing out the ozone themselves — we the people — have every right to be upset.

Pardon me, but I’m going to vomit now — in a plastic bag — before these phonies ban those next!!

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