Canadian P.M. gets low-brow welcome

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‘News’ story on Trudeau misses the mark

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became the first foreign leader to deliver the keynote address at the National Governors Association’s conference in Providence Friday — but if he picked up a copy of The Providence Journal that morning, he’d have thought the city was excited about one thing: his butt.

That’s right. Former Boston Globe correspondent Jacqueline Tempera, who now serves as the Projo’s Statehouse reporter, kicked off her front page, above the fold, unnecessarily sexualized piece with the line: “Feeling blue? Google three words: Justin Trudeau butt.”

From there, it gets better. Tempera continues, “With a few taps on the keyboard, uncover a treasure trove of photos, think pieces, and listicles focused on the Canadian prime minister’s rear end. Get lost in the half-million stories ranging from the straightforward ‘Internet Freaking Out Over Justin Trudeau’s Butt’ from Cosmopolitan to the silly ‘And the Oscar goes to Justin Trudeau’s butt’ from the Daily Mail.”

What? The Canadian Prime Minister comes to Providence to discuss a range of important topics, including NAFTA, and the city’s paper welcomes him to town with a front-page story about his derriere featuring quotes from women gushing about his movie star looks (Ryan Gosling comparisons), his cool tattoo, socks and irrelevant dance moves. Can anyone say sexist hypocrisy?

And don’t expect Tempera to apologize. After posting her story — which had an accompanying video — with the caption “You can just mail me my Pulitzer,” she began firing back at her critics on Twitter.

“The HORROR. #journalismisdead #ikilledit #sorryguys,” she wrote alongside a response from one critic. Atop her Twitter page she pinned a tweet reading: “Once more for the cheap seats in the back: I was assigned a story about Trudeau’s star power. So I wrote it and (gasp) had a little fun.”

A little fun? She sexually objectified a world leader.

Can anyone imagine the outrage if this same approach was taken ahead of a visit from a young, vibrant female Canadian prime minister?

There’d still be an angry pitchfork-wielding mob protesting outside the Providence Journal offices.

To think this article was published the same week that President Trump was lampooned for telling French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife, Brigitte, that she was in “such good shape” before turning to the French president and adding, “She’s in such good physical shape. Beautiful, isn’t she beautiful?”

It also comes after Trump was slammed for complimenting an Irish reporter’s smile.

But when a female Projo reporter channels Sir Mix-a-Lot’s raunchy rap song “Baby Got Back” while reporting on a world leader, you don’t see any blowback from the mainstream media or liberal leaders like Bay State U.S. Sen. Liz Warren.

That’s just how liberal feminists and the anti-conservative media rolls. Do as I say, not as I do.

These are the very same people who never saw a sexual harassment law they didn’t like.

It’s no wonder voters tuned them out in droves to elect Donald Trump during last year’s presidential election.

Voters can spot these hypocrites from a mile away.

Adriana Cohen

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