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All billionaires are not created equal.

Donald Trump isn’t afraid of smart, strong women and happily came on my Herald Drive radio show this presidential campaign cycle for a terrific, in-depth interview.

Then there’s Mark Cuban, the outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner who trashes Trump any chance he gets on TV — but is too chicken to come on my Herald Radio show to defend his political positions, which flip flop more than pancakes at your local IHOP.

Take Cuban’s first jumbo flip, which made one wonder if he gobbled too much maple syrup that morning.

In May the one-percenter said he’d be open to being either Trump’s or Clinton’s veep. In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Cuban said, “If he asked me, I’d be like, ‘Okay, Donald. That’s great. Let’s talk about it.’ ”

Then, when Trump didn’t put a ring on it, Cuban endorsed Hillary Clinton faster than she deletes emails.

Cuban quickly jumped on Clinton’s scandal-plagued bandwagon and started ripping Trump in the media. It’s hard to avoid the impression Cuban just wanted to hitch his wagon to any presidential ticket for the cool perks.

Then in June, Cuban told CNN Trump’s taxes were “not really going to be indicative of all that much.”

Only he flip-flopped again yesterday on the same network, arguing now that Trump’s failure to pay federal income taxes, as the New York Times has speculated, is a big deal.

CNN tweeted yesterday: “Mark Cuban blasts Donald Trump, says paying taxes as a wealthy person is patriotic.”

When I challenged Cuban on Twitter about his see-sawing, we had this exchange:

Me: “Huh? Then why did @mcuban tell @ChrisCuomo @NewDay he doesn’t care about seeing @realDonaldTrump taxes?”

Cuban responded: “Seeing his (Trump’s) tax returns has nothing to do with should he pay taxes. Why is he ashamed to explain?”

Me: “Transparency is a good thing. Why doesn’t media demand HRC’s Wall St transcripts, emails & FDN donor list?”

Cuban: “Nice subject change. U must be ashamed of Trump too.”

Me: “Not ashamed at all. Come on my show tomorrow & discuss! #HeraldDrive 
@HeraldRadio @bostonherald 7-9 am ET.”

Then he brushed off my invitation with this weak response:

Cuban: “Nice try :)” “

Me: “Nice try? Trump comes on my show. Not you? You sound chicken. lol.”

Cuban’s response: Crickets.

Looks like both Trump and Clinton made good calls choosing other VP candidates.

If you can’t debate a radio host, you’re definitely not ready to lead our nation.

Adriana Cohen

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