City stands strong with survivors

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Today is the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, the first major terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.

It was a brutal ambush that killed four people and injured more than 260, many severely. No doubt, it was a devastating day for our city, but Boston refuses to be defeated by it. We refuse to cower to terrorists. Our survivors are too strong for that.

And the city of Boston couldn’t be more proud of them.

The survivors’ courage to face each day, their resilience and straight-up good attitude is leading the way forward. Not only for each other, but for a grateful city.

We’re in this together, and we can’t heal if the survivors don’t heal.

Our brothers and sisters run the marathon. Our co-workers, kids and family members participate or cheer us on. It’s truly a community event where tens of thousands of people are part of it. Like dominos, if one of our own gets injured or killed, we all suffer.

We all fall down.

But Boston is a city that gets up.

It’s how we roll. Maybe it’s the incredible camaraderie we share that uplifts, or the long, hard winters that bring us together. Who really knows? But we’re better for it.

Every adult knows life can be tough. It’s hard for everyone at different points in our life paths. We all face challenges of varying size and scope.

But one thing that gets us through dark days and difficult nights is faith, inner strength and each other.

Parkinson’s survivor Michael J. Fox has said, “Happiness is a decision.” I agree with him. Each day we can choose to be happy or not based in large part on our attitude.

Attitude is the North Star; the rudder that directs our emotional and psychological ship. If we have a good attitude, we can persevere. A bad attitude and the walls can come tumbling down.

The choice is ours to make each and every day. One mile at a time.

God bless the survivors, their families and our beautiful city of Boston today, and every day that lies ahead.

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