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Trump takes charge, scores with the public

“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm,” Latin poet Publilius Syrus famously once said back in the days of Cicero.

Never a truer prophecy as we look at President Trump’s leadership as he guides the nation through extremely rough waters in the fourth year of his presidency navigating the containment of a global pandemic, protecting the American people and the entire U.S. economy — all at once.

Talk about a high-stakes juggling match.

And let’s not forget there’s no margin for error or people could die and our distressed health care system — nearly one-fifth of the GDP — could also collapse under the weight of it all.

No stress there, huh?

But if you look at how calm, stoic and focused our commander in chief has been during his daily press briefings alongside Vice President Mike Pence, Dr. Deborah Birx, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the rest of the Coronavirus Task Force you realize that this moment is precisely what leaders are made of.

Perhaps no one is more prepared for the complex challenges before us during this unprecedented national emergency than Donald Trump. And that’s not my opinion, that’s yours, the American people.

A new Gallup poll reveals that the majority of Ameri- cans, 60%, approve of the way the president is handling of the crisis. This includes the majority of Independents, 6 out of 10, and a growing swath of Democrats, 27%.

In fact, Trump’s approval rating is so high right now that even CNN is acknowledging it. “President Donald Trump is as popular today as he has been since his first day in office,” CNN Editor in Chief Chris Cillizza wrote Wednesday. “What accounts for Trump’s rise? Simple: His response to the coronavirus crisis.”

To date the president has led from the front combating this crisis that has upended our way of life, jolted the economy and roiled stock markets. He’s assembled a top-notch Coronavirus Task Force lead by Pence and a highly capable team of experts the American people have come to respect and trust.

President Trump has proven to be a bold and decisive leader, a consoler when needed and Communicatorin- Chief with his attendance at daily press briefings keeping us informed of what is happening and the solutions his Administration have put into place to win this fight.

If you’ve noticed, Trump has also shown us that he’s capable of unifying the country, recalling Publilius Syrus also wrote, “Where there is unity there is always victory.”

Let that be our guiding light as we navigate these uncharted waters.

Adriana Cohen

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