Delusional Dems dismiss Rand Paul at own peril

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Rand Paul can absolutely be our next president. In fact, he is probably Hillary Clinton’s worst 2016 nightmare.

Selected by conservatives as their top choice in last week’s CPAC straw poll, Paul has the message that will not only carry the GOP primary, but will resonate in the general election.

At a time when our Constitution is under relentless attack, Paul stands for fundamental American rights. He stands for freedom. He does so in ways Clinton cannot hope to compete with.

Under President Obama’s regime, since he took office, our Constitution has been under attack. He has expanded executive power so broadly that we are almost living in a quasi-totalitarian state, and that is frightening the hell out of people. Paul is our No. 1 defender of liberty and the Constitution, which our brave military has lost life and limb to protect.

He has a lawsuit against the government for NSA spying because it violates the Fourth Amendment. He has come out strongly against the abuses of the IRS scandal — against a government that has gotten too big and too powerful.

Obama has bragged that he has a pen and a phone, and he will use them as he sees fit. The Democrats are creating a culture of government dependency — to astronomical proportions — expanding food stamps 70 percent, growing our debt by unprecedented trillions of dollars, adding tens of thousands of federal jobs. Thanks to continuous failed economic policies, we have the smallest workforce participation in decades.

Under Obamacare, the president has changed the law repeatedly, and unilaterally. Obamacare is a major liability for all Democrats. The employer mandate kicking in just before the presidential election — if Obama doesn’t delay it yet again — is going to be the nail in the coffin.

Hillary Clinton is absolutely beatable by any Republican, whether it’s Paul, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush. She’s tethered to an administration of acute, compounded failure. She failed on health care on her own. She has no accomplishments as secretary of state, even if you look past Benghazi and the murder of our ambassador there. Syria is a mess. Russia just occupied parts of Ukraine despite her “reset,” and Iran is near acquiring nuclear weapons.

Americans have learned they can no longer take freedom and their rights for granted. Americans now have seen their freedoms ripped away from them. What do the Democrats want to control next? This is not the right path for America.

Rand Paul knows that the government is part of the problem, not part of the solution, something regular Americans are discovering each day.

In the GOP primary, Rand Paul makes the most convincing case for smaller government. In the general election, he is a moderate and a libertarian, and America was founded on liberty. If the Democrats, and Hillary Clinton, think they can belittle him or dismiss him, they do so at their own peril.



Adriana Cohen

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