Democrats are the big losers of the day

Bob Mueller’s testimony before Congress was a colossal failure — for Democrats.

Liberal lawmakers hell bent on removing the president from office were hoping Mueller’s televised testimony before Congress Wednesday would provide fodder for impeaching the president when all it did was shred the special counsel’s credibility as the nation watched a confused and disoriented man struggle to understand many of the questions posed to him.

Mueller couldn’t recall many key facts and information contained in his own report creating speculation he may not have written the 448-page report — or even read it — for if he did, he’d have a greater grasp of its contents. He stumbled through many of his responses indicating that his staff — chock full of Trump-hating prosecutors who wanted Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election — were running the show, not him.

Adding to the dumpster fire was the revelation that the special counsel probe that has ripped our country apart the past two years wasn’t truly about foreign interference in our elections — that was a farce — it was about “getting Trump” and removing him from office.

Case in point: When asked about the Steele dossier produced by Russian informants that was used by the Department of Justice to trigger multiple criminal investigations into the president and his administration and former campaign associates, Mueller admitted he didn’t bother to investigate that foreign interference into a major U.S. election claiming it was “outside his purview.”

A bold-faced lie given the special counsel was given ample resources and broad leeway to investigate wherever the facts lead them.

Undoubtedly a legitimate investigation into foreign interference in our elections would’ve examined Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC who paid Fusion GPS millions — funneled through their law firm, Perkins Coie — for Russian propaganda that was used by the FBI and DOJ to trigger counterintelligence investigations into the president and his administration.

Even James Comey’s former assistant FBI director, Andrew McCabe, testified that without the Russian-backed dossier the feds wouldn’t have been able to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. Mueller also shockingly claimed during his testimony he didn’t know anything about Fusion GPS, a key player at the epicenter of this whole mess.

Bottom line: Corrupt actors at the highest echelons of government tried to frame President Trump and subsequently effect a coup against a sitting president using the full power of the Justice Department. It failed spectacularly. Now it’s time to investigate the investigators and hold all nefarious actors to account. Not a moment too soon.

Adriana Cohen

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