Democrats call themselves progressive — but practice regressive policies

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Fourteen months into the Biden administration, it’s become clear Democrats are not the so-called progressives they claim to be. More accurately, the Democratic Party ought to be called the “regressives,” given that on virtually every metric that matters to most Americans, the left is dragging our country backward — not forward.

Under Democratic control of government, our nation has regressed with US energy independence achieved during the prior administration. When Donald Trump was in the Oval Office in 2020, America was a net exporter of petroleum, and imports were the lowest since 1991. This year, according to the Energy Information Administration, “We expect net crude oil imports to increase, making the United States a net importer of petroleum in 2022.”

Translation: We’ve gone from being the largest exporter of oil under Trump to unnecessarily dependent on Iran and other despotic regimes that use millions of dollars in US blood money to fund terror proxies and other nefarious acts under President Joe Biden.

The regressives, in cahoots with the climate cabal here in the States, nixed the Keystone XL pipeline and hamstrung the US fossil-fuel industry with excessive regulations, bans on new drilling on federal lands and other assaults on the US energy sector to purportedly “protect” the environment while buying dirty oil from murderous foreign dictators who don’t give a hoot about climate change.

World peace has regressed from relative global stability under Trump, who led the destruction of the Islamic State’s caliphate in Iraq and brokered the historic peace deal between Israel and the Middle East known as the Abraham Accords, to a foreign-policy dumpster fire under the dangerously incompetent current administration.

Russia has waged war against Ukraine in the most consequential European invasion since World War II and is committing genocide and war crimes before our eyes. Now add the massive humanitarian crisis underway as millions of Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes to places unknown while Vice President Kamala Harris giggled her way through a recent joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, unable to answer a simple question regarding how many Ukrainian refugees the United States is willing to accept.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re also witnessing an alarming new power alliance emerge between China and Russia on Sleepy Joe’s watch, with Taiwan squarely in China’s sights.

Gas prices that were affordable under Trump’s sensible energy policies have skyrocketed to an average of almost $4.50 per gallon nationwide — the highest in American history. Inflation is at a 40-year high, and supply-chain bottlenecks are ongoing, hampering the US economy. Want a new car, fridge or microwave? Good luck. You’ll wait weeks, if not months, to get it at inflated prices.

Race relations haven’t progressed either; they’ve regressed.

America was once a predominantly colorblind society. No more. Regressives now insist we view everything through the prism of race. Forget judging others based on the content of one’s character, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. taught us in 1963 during his soul-stirring “I Have a Dream” speech at our nation’s capital. Thanks to the regressives, we’re now being told to check our white privilege while innocent children are being indoctrinated with critical race theory in our public-school system.

But that’s not all. America has regressed combating the war on drugs. China and Mexican cartels are manufacturing deadly fentanyl that’s flowing across our nation’s porous southern border, poisoning and killing our citizens. The fentanyl overdose of several West Point cadets this month is just the latest tragic example.

Illegal immigration has surged. Same with rising crime that’s spreading like wildfire, including smash-and-grabs at grocery stores, shopping malls and convenience stores near you.

Our right to free speech is evaporating before our eyes thanks to a toxic stew of cancel culture, Big Tech censorship and ever-growing Internet surveillance.

Let’s not forget the personal liberties lost during the COVID-19 pandemic with the Biden administration’s authoritarian vaccine mandates. Americans that chose not to get vaccinated have been fired from their jobs, discharged from serving in the US military, kicked off college campuses, barred from playing sports and denied entry to restaurants, among other harsh penalties, despite the inconvenient truth the vaccines don’t stop transmission of the virus.

And we must not overlook the damage done to America’s school kids by the Democratic Party, which instead of doing what’s in our children’s best interest during the pandemic opted to take marching orders from far-left teachers unions instead. Thanks to excessively prolonged remote learning and other extreme COVID-19 restrictions that lasted over two years, America’s children have suffered significant learning and developmental setbacks, regressing academically, emotionally and psychologically from New York to Los Angeles.

Hardly “progressive,” wouldn’t you say?

Adriana Cohen

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