Democrats complain while spewing smears

By November 5, 2018Politics, Pop Culture

Tweets underscore left’s lunacy

Democrats from Somerville to San Francisco pound the table excoriating the president’s communication style, blaming him for acts of political violence committed by others, while they themselves tweet extremely inflammatory and offensive smears — bordering on lunacy — against conservatives when they’re not trafficking alt-left conspiracy theories.

The hypocrisy is astounding.

Last week here in the Bay State, it was Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone who compared the crazy mail pipe bomber to Geoff Diehl, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate challenging Elizabeth Warren.

Yesterday, it was Democrat Congressman Seth Moulton who tweeted a 1935 Nazi proclamation written in German alongside the caption, “Once upon a time there was another country that stripped certain groups of citizenship. We can’t allow the slow rollback of democratic norms to become commonplace. Vote on November 6th like our future depends on it.”

Instead of debating Trump’s recent proposal to end birthright citizenship or acknowledging that many members of the Democrat Party — including former Majority Leader Harry Reid — once supported it, Moulton threw a radical left hook to our commander in chief, comparing the Trump administration to Nazi Germany.

How is comparing a sitting U.S. president and his supporters to Hitler — an evil madman who committed genocide against 6 million Jews — any less radical or offensive than anything members of the alt-right have ever said?

Answer — it’s not.

Yet if you look at Twitter and Facebook, run by activist liberals, they’ve suspended InfoWars and scores of conservative voices across the ideological spectrum while allowing Curtatone and Moulton’s extremist comments to stand.

Talk about bias. And stacking the deck against conservatives online. It’s no wonder social media networks are being investigated by the Department of Justice.

On my Boston Herald Radio show yesterday I asked former White House adviser Steve Bannon what he thought of Moulton’s ultra inflammatory tweets. Bannon said, “I’m very disappointed. Seth Moulton is a combat Marine that should know better than to make analogies like that.”

Election Day can’t come soon enough.

Adriana Cohen

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