Democrats’ Convenient Outrage

By June 29, 2018July 9th, 2018Immigration, Politics

Democrats live in gargantuan glass houses.

They attack President Donald Trump and the Republican Party at every turn for actions and misdeeds the Democratic Party was guilty of when it was in power.

Take the current immigration crisis.

During the Obama years, millions of people — including drug dealers, sex traffickers, gang members and other “bad hombres” — attempted to immigrate to the U.S. illegally. Some families were separated at the border. Unaccompanied children and others were housed in similar detention centers to the ones in use today, with metal cages and all, and even The New York Times has reported that at least a dozen immigrant children detained in the U.S. were placed in the custody of human traffickers while President Obama ran the country.

Where was the outrage then?

A simple search on Google Images will provide anti-Trump media pundits, liberal lawmakers and the hysterical “resistance” with scores of photos of undocumented immigrants, including children, sleeping on the floor with tinfoil blankets covering their bodies in metal cages — during the Obama years. Many were eventually deported, earning Obama the moniker “deporter in chief.”

Not exactly welcoming treatment to undocumented immigrants, given how many were detained in subpar — if not dangerous — conditions and subsequently deported back to their countries of origin courtesy of Barack Obama — a politician Democrats enthusiastically re-elected in 2012.

Where was the public outcry back then? Where were the sensational hunger strikes by Hollywood actors and members of the legendary Kennedy clan? The latter told People magazine this week that 50 of them, including Bobby Kennedy’s widow, Ethel, are righteously refusing to eat until immigrant families who’ve crashed the U.S. border illegally are no longer separated.

Did they miss that President Trump signed an executive order barring families from being separated just last week? Did they also miss the times when Democratic lawmakers had chances to fix the broken U.S. immigration system but failed to do so?

Of course not. But acknowledging those facts would extinguish liberals’ ability to attack Trump and impugn his many supporters’ character by calling millions of law-abiding, patriotic Americans every extreme, derogatory name in the book while they whip up their voter base so they can regain power in Washington come November.

“The Obama administration, the Bush administration all separated families,” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told reporters at the White House earlier this month. “They absolutely did. … Their rate was less than ours, but they absolutely did do this. This is not new.”

But again, no outrage back then. To the contrary, Democrats continue to turn a blind eye to American families whose lives have been shattered by MS-13 gang members and other violent undocumented immigrants who’ve raped or murdered their loved ones, including young Kate Steinle, whose 2015 killer was protected in a sanctuary city liberals continue to vociferously support.

Come the midterms, will voters flip power back to Democrats?

Given what we know, in a word, no.

Adriana Cohen

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