Democrats will pay come election Nov. 6

By October 8, 2018October 19th, 2018Criminal Justice, Politics, Women's Issues

The Democratic Party overplayed its hand, and will pay for it on Nov. 6.

The party of radicals, antifa and out-of-control protesters — some with ties to George Soros and other dark money special interest groups — is causing civil unrest and mayhem wherever they go. Unglued liberals are shouting down members of Congress and hurling expletives at them on Capitol Hill in elevators, hallways, you name it. They’re threatening violence against those who disagree with their far left ideology when they’re not harassing conservatives simply trying to enjoy a meal in restaurants.

Make no mistake. This isn’t fringe elements of the left. This is the norm for the Democratic Party today, when lawmakers like U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters openly encourage party loyalists to get in Republican’s faces and use other intimidation tactics.

Voters are noticing. The Democrats have done nothing to sway independents or swing voters — if anything, they are driving them away. U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, the biggest swing voter out there, showed which way women and independents will go.

Democrats revealed their true colors during the nomination proceedings for new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, from the repeated disruptions by protesters that led to more than 100 arrests, to the unsubstantiated, refuted or flat-out ridiculous allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh.

Voters know foul play when they see it. They know our justice system is founded on the presumption of innocence, which Democrats abandoned when faced with another conservative justice joining the Supreme Court. They trampled on any semblance of due process. Evidence be damned.

It backfired spectacularly. Kavanaugh became the 114th justice to the Supreme Court this weekend giving President Trump another win while galvanizing GOP voters — especially female voters — who will come out in droves to support Republican candidates Nov. 6. Female voters who don’t want their husbands, sons and brothers being subjected to fake rape allegations or other serious charges based on zero corroborating evidence for the sole purpose of keeping ruthless liberals in power.

Democrats wildly overplayed their hand. And deservedly, come Election Day, their chickens will come home to roost.

Adriana Cohen

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