Democrats Will Win at Any Cost

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There’s a reason Democrats continuously combat Republican-led efforts to enact sensible voter ID laws while simultaneously pushing for noncitizens, felons and 16-year-olds to be able to vote.

It’s to win future elections — at any cost.

Take the left’s latest crusade to abolish the Electoral College that’s currently sweeping the country. On Tuesday, the Nevada Senate voted 12-8 to, if the measure is signed by its Democratic governor, become the 15th state — plus the District of Columbia — to elect future presidents via the popular vote. Prominent Democrats including Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and many other presidential hopefuls are advocating for future presidents to be elected via the popular vote, rather than the time-honored Electoral College enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

Naturally, this explains why this growing chorus of Democrats wants minors and even felons voting while also supporting open borders and sanctuary cities, among a kaleidoscope of other head-scratching protections for illegal immigrants who brazenly violate U.S. Customs and Immigration laws. It’s to give left-leaning states with large populations an advantage while granting potentially millions of noncitizens the ability to vote Democrat in future elections.

The stark reality is the Democratic Party today prefers a broken immigration system, one that acts as a sieve for millions of undocumented people into our country — no matter the national security risk — in order to obtain those votes come Election Day and keep the Democrats in power. It doesn’t matter to power-hungry liberals whether sex traffickers, drug dealers or even ultra-violent MS-13 gang members are entering the country.

In their Machiavellian mindset, if scores of illegal immigrants vote Democrat — tipping future elections in their favor — they’re welcome in the U.S., no matter the collateral damage. Whatever it takes to win.

Take Massachusetts. Last month, two liberal district attorneys, Rachel Rollins and Marion Ryan, filed a federal lawsuit to block Immigration and Customs Agents (ICE) from entering Massachusetts state courthouses. This measure, if passed, would ban immigration officials from arresting illegal immigrants in the courthouses and deporting them. Note that on the very same day the reckless lawsuit was filed by these activist DAs, Bay State ICE agents arrested two dangerous gang members in two Suffolk County courthouses: an MS-13 gangster and a thug from a rival 18th Street gang — both illegal immigrants with long rap sheets, criminal records that include assault and battery, possession of dangerous weapons and more.

If the lefty district attorneys in Massachusetts get their way in the future, these types of ultra-dangerous gang members and other criminal noncitizens will be shielded from deportation — and free to do unimaginable harm in our local communities. Yes, not all illegal immigrants are violent or dangerous, but all it takes is one rapist, murderer or terrorist to inflict irreparable harm — something Angel Families who’ve lost loved ones to criminal illegals across the nation tragically know firsthand.

Meanwhile, elsewhere throughout the nation, so-called progressives continue to roll out the red carpet for illegal immigrants, with some states enacting measures to give noncitizens free health care, public housing, welfare benefits and other freebies on the backs of taxpayers.

Savvy voters ought to consider the motive behind these Democratic-driven measures.

Ultimately, it all comes down to votes and keeping the left in power.

Adriana Cohen

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