Dems cloud climate debate with their own carbon emissions

By August 25, 2019August 27th, 2019Politics

Hysterical Democrats — including the 2020 presidential field — have been sounding the alarm on climate change, insisting we must dramatically cut our carbon footprint or else the world will come to an end in 12 years.

These alarmists pushing for a massive government takeover — disguised as the Green New Deal — warn of “rising sea levels” and other doom-and-gloom environmental catastrophes to justify their $100 trillion dollar climate project. Meanwhile, they live like kings and queens, generating carbon emissions like there’s no tomorrow.

Take the 44th president, Barack Obama. News broke last week he’s buying a mega-manse on 29 acres on Martha’s Vineyard — with a private beach and boathouse — estimated at a cool $15 million. Wait a minute! With sea levels rising, according to liberal elites, why on Earth would any progressive who isn’t a fraud buy a beach house?

Aren’t they afraid their seaside estate will be destroyed by global warming? Apparently not.

Yet in March this year at a speech in Vancouver, the former president urged Canada and other nations to avert a looming, manmade global warming apocalypse by shifting away from fossil fuels.

Obama said, “It’s important for us to set an example. If two billion Chinese and Indians are burning (fossil fuels) at our pace, the planet will be literally uninhabitable.”

Was he just blowing smoke like so many of his liberal hypocrite friends who tell us climate change is an “existential threat” while living in big houses, enjoying big yachts and private jets?

Given the carbon emissions the Obamas will be expending to maintain their nearly 7,000-square-foot vacation home — their other $8 million dollar manse is in the D.C. area — the message is clear; minimizing one’s carbon footprint is only for the little people.

Then there’s U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a millionaire one-percenter and presidential candidate who’s enjoying the benefits of capitalism while pretending to be a Democrat Socialist. Not only does the climate phony enjoy flying private jets, which burn more fuel in one trip than the average Joe burns in a year, the vociferous Green New Deal proponent is the proud owner of multiple homes.

Hmmm … more homes means more carbon emissions polluting the planet.

Meanwhile, these “Do as I say, not as I do Democrats” want to eliminate airplane travel for 330 million Americans, they want to take away our cars, boats and every other vehicle that runs on fossil fuels.

Shouldn’t those who insist the world is coming to an end in the near future practice what they preach? Is leading by example too hard?

If so, Democrats pushing the Green New Deal — or any other climate change policy — have lost the moral authority to tell Americans how to live our lives.

It’s that simple.

Adriana Cohen

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