Dems fail to protect the little guy

By November 25, 2016November 30th, 2016Politics

adriana-cohen-boston-herald-cover-26nov2016Instead of pardoning turkeys, President Obama should be fighting for the workers at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis this week.

But don’t expect him to battle for the little guy any longer. The Democratic party he leads has lost its way.

The party cares more about transgender bathrooms and the notion of Islamophobia than jobs. And that lack of focus cost them the White House and control of Congress this election cycle.

Democrats claim to be the party looking out for the working class and middle class yet its failed policies forced on the nation — namely Obamacare — hammered the very constituents they claim to protect. The proposed Cadillac tax under Obamacare will crush blue-collar union workers with enormous health care costs, while many are already feeling the pain with exploding premiums and deductibles.

Same with trade and immigration. Democrats’ failed trade policies, namely NAFTA, have hurt the American worker as does a broken immigration system causing Americans to lose decent jobs to cheap labor.

But instead of putting Americans first, dare we say “nationalism,” progressives prefer to obsess over “safe spaces” on campus and social issues instead of protecting working families wallets.

A gift to the GOP who gets that pocket book issues decide elections.

Republicans are pragmatists who understand that political correctness and the notion of globalism doesn’t protect you when the bills are due.

Just look at the Carrier plant. They announced this year they’re going to shut the doors and move to Monterrey, Mexico. That will cost 1,400 American workers their jobs.

Had President Obama spent his time this past year convincing Carrier to stay in the United States — instead of his lefty social agenda — Hillary Clinton would be getting inaugurated Jan. 20. Because the message to voters would’ve been “Democrats care about you and your job.” That would’ve been a more effective messaging at the convention last summer than “Donald Trump hurt my feelings.”

If the Democratic party has any hope of taking back Congress in future elections, they must become the jobs party. If voters can’t put food on the table, or afford to write that huge Obamacare premium, they’re going to continue to defect to the GOP.

It should surprise no one that Donald Trump — a businessman who has created tens of thousands of jobs in his life — was elected. Hope and change rhetoric and “safe spaces” don’t pay the bills.

Adriana Cohen

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