Dems’ Politicizing Is Becoming Toxic for Americans

By August 16, 2019August 27th, 20192020 Presidential Race, Politics

Democrats’ misplaced priorities in Washington are literally poisoning American citizens and putting lives at risk.

Take Newark, New Jersey. This week, the Garden State’s largest city is facing a widespread water emergency, and authorities have warned residents their tap water isn’t safe to drink. Water-quality studies have found toxic lead levels in the city’s decaying water pipes, threatening the health and safety of thousands of Americans, including children who, unbeknownst to them, may have been consuming contaminated drinking water for many months — if not years.

All of which has elevated the risk of scores of Americans developing life-altering health problems, developmental delays in children, cancer and other deadly diseases.

As such, City of Newark residents are being instructed to consume bottled water until authorities fix the problem, which will take considerable time given the magnitude and cost associated with replacing decaying pipes throughout the city, and other issues to repair the failing infrastructure. Critics say U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, a Democratic contender for president and former mayor of Newark from 2006 to 2013, is partially responsible for the water crisis given he failed to conduct proper oversight.

Make no mistake: What’s happening in Newark isn’t solely a regional problem. Throughout the United States, millions of Americans are drinking tap water from very old pipes and unreliable water treatment facilities built in the mid-20th century that are rapidly approaching the end of their useful lifecycle.

Newark’s latest water crisis comes on the heels of the crisis in Flint, Michigan, whose tap water was also contaminated beginning in 2014, causing the death of 12 people and sickening 90.

But instead of liberal lawmakers focusing their energy on fixing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure — which is putting Americans in harms way — they’ve been wasting their time, resources and millions of taxpayer dollars launching endless investigations and lawsuits against the president for political purposes.

This includes a 22-month costly special counsel investigation predicated on fabricated conspiracy theories that the 2016 Trump campaign conspired with Russia to effect the outcome of the last presidential election. The bogus allegations, peddled by prominent Democrats and their partisan backers in media, have since been debunked by not only the investigation but also every other investigation led by Congress and the Department of Justice.

Not one investigation found evidence to support such fantastical allegations. But Democrats’ hate-filled inquisitions of the president aren’t all they’re doing to obstruct and “Resist” his administration. Liberal lawmakers are also suing the commander-in-chief and his administration for everything under the sun. This includes lawsuits to obtain Trump’s taxes, information on his business dealings while a private citizen, and other partisan-fueled lawsuits to derail his administration.

All the while, millions of Americans across the nation are being exposed to toxic drinking water and driving over structurally deficient roads and bridges at our collective peril.

A 2018 report released from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association found that 54,259 U.S. bridges are in need of repair. And when it comes to safe drinking water, in 2017, USA Today reported, “As many as 63 million people — nearly a fifth of the United States — from rural central California to the boroughs of New York City, were exposed to potentially unsafe water more than once during the past decade.”

A 2017 News21 investigation found an eye-popping 680,000 water-quality and monitoring violations documented by the Environmental Protection Agency.

President Trump, meanwhile, has made it clear he wants to work with Democrats to fix our nation’s real problems — infrastructure included. But it’s very difficult, if not impossible, for him to have a constructive working relationship with liberal lawmakers who are vocal about wanting to impeach him and remove him from office via any means necessary.

That type of ill will has poisoned the well, and millions of Americans are bearing the brunt.

All the more reason voters should show Democrats the door in 2020. Their failure to do their job and fix real problems versus imaginary ones is placing Americans in harm’s way.

Newark’s water crisis is just the latest example.

Adriana Cohen

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