Dems will regret this

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Low bar for impeachment is setting a very bad precedent

Congrats Democrats — you’ve now set a dangerous new precedent for all future presidents for decades to come.

By setting the bar so low for impeachment — absent of a specific crime or direct evidence of one — any sitting president can now be impeached, throwing our country into a tailspin for any reason concocted by political opponents of the White House.

Democrats are unraveling our Democracy before our eyes — one founded on free elections.

Take the weak and ambiguous articles of impeachment they filed against President Trump last week — alleging “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.”

The two flimsy charges aren’t even crimes, much less the “high crimes and misdemeanors” required by the U.S. Constitution.

Even Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch — no friend of the president — described the articles of impeachment being levied against Trump as “nebulous.”

If that’s the new low standard for nullifying an election, how many past presidents could’ve been accused of it?

Surely Republicans could’ve impeached Barack Obama for abuse of power when his administration spied on and targeted New York Times and AP journalists, blocked media outlets like Fox News from covering the White House and other newsworthy events — all actions that were hostile to a free press guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Or what about the Obama administration’s “secret deals” with Iran while negotiating its controversial Iran nuclear deal? Does conducting shadow foreign policy with a known terror state — unbeknownst to Congress — constitute an “abuse of power?”

Or how about the targeting of conservative Tea Party groups at the IRS, violating their civil liberties?

It’s no wonder the meritless impeachment charade against President Trump, which is predicated on hearsay, presumptions and “feelings” from partisan bureaucrats and a dubious whistleblower, is backfiring.

Now add two Democrat lawmakers who’ve already come forward stating they don’t support impeaching the president given what they’ve seen unfold and will vote against it.

New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drews is one. He’s so disgusted by the Democrats’ kangaroo court antics that he announced this weekend he’s leaving the party and will declare himself a Republican.

Nice job, Nancy Pelosi.

Then there’s Democrat Congressman Collin Peterson of Minnesota who said Saturday he won’t vote for impeachment, either. Surely more defectors will follow, especially the 31 members of Congress hailing from Trump-friendly red districts vulnerable to expulsion. They know a vote for impeachment — absent of any direct evidence of a specific crime against the president — will flip the House back to Republicans faster than Trump can fire off his next tweet.

It’s a move the Democratic Party will regret for years to come.

Adriana Cohen

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