Dirty Robert Mueller inquiry must be suspended

By February 3, 2018February 5th, 2018National Security, Politics

The Mueller special counsel investigation is officially tainted and must be suspended immediately.

And heads should roll at the FBI, the DOJ and all ancillary actors involved in the ginned-up investigations against Donald Trump and his associates via abusive surveillance practices.

We’ve learned from yesterday’s release of the House Intelligence Committee memo that FBI and DOJ leadership — including fired James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and others — obtained FISA warrants and extensions to spy on Trump associates during the 2016 campaign based on bogus opposition research paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee.

If that’s not alarming enough — as the dossier was the genesis of countless government investigations including calls for a special counsel — the FBI also paid discredited foreign ex-spy Christopher Steele for dirt on the Trump campaign and used his garbage intel.

If that’s not illegitimate enough — derailing the integrity of the entire Mueller investigation — we also learned that the FBI used salacious media reports, namely a Yahoo article, to build its case to obtain warrants to spy on Americans associated with the Trump campaign.

Here’s the problem: Not only is fake news a real thing and no one should rely on it without vetting its contents and sources, but now we’ve learned that media articles the FBI and DOJ used to bolster its case to obtain warrants came from Steele and Fusion GPS.

It gets worse.

The FBI didn’t tell the FISA court about the debunked dossier’s origins — a mammoth material omission. Had any judge known the political origins of the dossier, they wouldn’t have issued the spying warrants and subsequent extensions, unless of course, they were complicit.

FBI Director Christopher Wray should immediately revoke security clearances and suspend all agents and officials involved pending a thorough investigation. He must also cooperate with Congress by honoring document requests in a timely manner and produce all communications from parties involved.

And this must happen fast before they start deleting emails and wiping servers like their friend Hillary Clinton.

Adriana Cohen

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