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Prez responsible for current economy

Regardless of how the midterm elections played out, one thing is certain: President Trump and his administration are a force to be reckoned with given the strength of the economy.

The United States is the most powerful economy in the world and Trump deserves most of the credit. In less than two years in office he has ushered in a 25 percent growth to the stock market, 4.5 million new jobs and saw wages increase over 3 percent. Toss in the lowest unemployment rate in decades and that’s some Oval Office leadership.

Both Never Trump Republicans and critical Democrats would be foolish to undervalue these tangible achievements. Americans benefit when jobs are plentiful.

Those in Congress who continue to obstruct Trump’s agenda — when the agenda is actually working with national security, foreign policy, trade and immigration reform — will be confirming they are nothing more than obstructionists working against the American people.

If naysayers keep rejecting everything and anything the president does without considering the merits of the policy and proposals, simply because it’s Donald Trump who submits it, will be validating every negative thing the president says about them — all of which will embolden Trump and strengthen his re-election chances.

Voters know that extreme partisanship in Washington results in perpetual gridlock, meaning the politicians we sent to Washington to work for us won’t be productive in solving our nation’s problems. They won’t notch any “wins” for the people they serve.

A losing political ad leading into the next election cycle, that’s for sure.

If Democrats and Never Trumpers were smart, they’d jump on the Trump Train and ride this incredible economic wave and reap the rewards for their constituents versus “resisting” success like a stubborn child.

Voters want politicians achieving results and working for us. And so far it’s President Trump who’s done just that.

Adriana Cohen

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