Donald Trump keeps his promise to put American safety first

By January 26, 2017January 27th, 2017Immigration, Politics

Surrounded by Angel Moms who’ve lost loved ones to criminal illegal aliens, President Trump made good on his campaign promise to make immigration reform a top priority yesterday.

Trump intends to make America safe as well as great again and one way to do that is to rid our streets of rapists, murderers and drug dealers who are here illegally — criminals who are sometimes back after being deported already thanks to our broken immigration system.

At the Department of Homeland Security yesterday, Trump vowed to withhold federal funding to the so-called sanctuary cities that harbor illegal aliens. Cities like Somerville. Trump put liberal pols in Massachusetts and elsewhere on notice that they better respect our immigration laws or risk losing the millions in federal funding they need to keep their cities functioning. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone lost no time denouncing Trump and vowing to keep harboring illegals despite the threat to their revenues — and to programs vital to their constituents.

Astonishingly, the mayors are putting illegals before actual citizens who are voters and taxpayers. But that’s not how they spin it. The liberal pols will repeat their line that we’re a nation of immigrants and we don’t want to break up families. What they leave out is that Donald Trump respects, in fact welcomes, immigrants who respect our laws. People who follow our laws will be allowed in the country. If they come here illegally, there’s no safe space. They’ll be shown the door.

Remember, Trump vowed to be the “law and order” president. He was duly elected, and as former President Obama liked to say, “Elections have consequences.”

What Walsh, Curatone and other Democratic officials nationwide don’t like to mention when they talk about families being broken up are the American families that have been broken up — devastated — by criminal illegals who raped or murdered their children.

Matthew Denice is one such example here in Massachusetts. The Milford man was just 23 when he was struck and dragged to his horrific death by a drunk illegal behind the wheel of a pickup truck. Kate Steinle was brutally murdered by an illegal — a previously deported alien who was enjoying sanctuary in San Francisco.

It was when Trump dared to suggest that was a problem that the left first smeared him as a racist. The list of American families broken up by illegals tragically goes on. Bravo to President Trump for putting the safety of American families first.

Adriana Cohen

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