Donald Trump speaks the truth about ‘fake news’

By July 30, 2018August 2nd, 2018Liberal Bias, Politics

President Trump is absolutely right. The Fake News media is the “enemy of the people” and they prove it every day of the week.

Take immigration. Instead of focusing on the vital work Immigration and Customs Enforcement does keeping the people safe by stopping violent gangs, drug dealers and sex traffickers from entering our country, the media obsesses on family separations at the border. Why? To make the Trump administration look heartless. The media, of course, ignores the bad actors attempting to cross the border illegally who exploit children and use them as props, pretending they’re a family. Yesterday the president tweeted, “Please understand, there are consequences when people cross our Border illegally, whether they have children or not – and many are just using children for their own sinister purposes. Congress must act on fixing the DUMBEST & WORST immigration laws anywhere in the world! Vote ‘R.’ ”

The mainstream media — mouthpieces for the Democratic party — doesn’t want to know about the people whose lives have been destroyed by illegal immigrants who killed their loved ones. Trump tweeted yesterday: “Democrats, who want Open Borders and care little about Crime, are incompetent, but they have the Fake News Media almost totally on their side!”

Thankfully the people have gotten “woke” to the fact that most of the mainstream media no longer reports the news honestly — instead skewing news to advance a political agenda. Trump tweeted yesterday, “… freedom of the press also comes with a responsibility to report the news accurately. 90% of media coverage of my Administration is negative, despite the tremendously positive results we are achieving, it’s no surprise that confidence in the media is at an all time low! I will not allow our great country to be sold out by anti-Trump haters in the dying newspaper industry.”

Take the U.S. economy. Trump had the best week of his presidency last week, but if you turned on most TV channels you’d never know it. Most pundits didn’t tell you about the GDP hitting 4.1 percent —the highest in four years. Nor did they praise the president for winning on trade as the European Union agreed to importing more U.S. soy and natural gas while averting a trade war.

The media changed the subject. They focus on any distraction they can use to make the Trump administration look bad. Media elites are banking on the people being too ignorant to see what’s going on.

Come November, once again, they may be woefully surprised.

Adriana Cohen

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