Donald Trump’s ‘better safe than sorry’ take on terror

By August 16, 2016September 6th, 2016National Security, Presidental Race 2016, Terrorism

In his second major policy address in recent weeks, Donald Trump delivered a sound and sensible approach to defeating ISIS — once and for all — in a national security speech in Ohio, a key swing state.

He said if elected, he’ll pause immigration from all regions that have a high concentration of terrorism, including Syria, the jihadi capital of the world. Especially since our government has proven time and time again it cannot thoroughly vet those entering our country — at great expense to our collective safety.

We all remember the jihadi bride in San Bernardino who lied on her immigration papers and pledged allegiance to ISIS for all to see on Facebook — except the feds — who overlooked both. Then 14 innocent lives were lost in the name of radical Islam.

Same with the marathon bombers. Russia warned U.S. intelligence agencies about Tamerlan Tsarnaev and yet he still fell through the cracks and Boston paid the price.

Trump said yesterday he wants to get smarter about who we let in our country so we don’t get hit again — and lose more lives and limbs — on our city streets.

Yet many detractors, both in the Democratic Party and in the media, call Donald Trump a racist. They’re clearly in the tank for Hillary Clinton because, the fact is, authorities here and abroad have confirmed ISIS is exploiting the refugee flow.

Trump said the U.S. should engage in “extreme vetting” of immigrants to make sure they respect American values of liberty, dignity and equality. Those who back Sharia Law, which denies all of the above to its citizens — especially women and gays — should stay away, he said.

The GOP nominee said he would wage a multifront “military, cyber and financial” war to defeat ISIS, including clamping down on the killer cartel’s use of social media and other online forums to spread its poisonous ideology. He also said he will work with other nations, including NATO members, to defeat ISIS militarily and financially.

Come November, voters must decide if they want a politically correct president who supports open borders and a sloppy immigration system or a candidate who values safety and putting American security first.

The choice is clear.

Adriana Cohen

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