Don’t be a sore loser Marco, quit race

Adios, Marco.

If Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio loses his home state tomorrow, it will be time for him to quit the race. Immediately.

He should not stay in to act as a spoiler to the real candidates — Cruz, Kasich and Trump.

When voters reject you in your home state, that means you’re getting dumped — big time.

Rubio should take the hint, and sail away on his fishing boat while he still has a shred of dignity left.

If Rubio doesn’t do the right thing and insists on staying in the race hoping for a brokered convention in Cleveland, millions of Republican voters will just reject him later.

So postponing the pain doesn’t serve the party.

In fact, it’s undemocratic.

In a democracy, voters decide via primaries and delegate counts who they want to represent them at the national convention. And so far, Rubio has lost the majority of primary and caucus contests handily to Trump and Cruz. For Rubio to stay in the race just to spite his rivals would further divide the party, which is already fractured enough.

Voters won’t forget or forgive a sore loser.

Rubio should exit gracefully and if he does, he may be able to resurrect a political career down the road. After enough time passes, perhaps everyone will forget the game-changing debate where New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie swept the floor with him. However, if Rubio stays in the race and pulls backroom shenanigans with the establishment elites at the Republican National Convention, he will ruin his chances for a political comeback.

Rubio needs to listen to his home state voters, his own people.

If they reject him, that loss will cost him the winner-take-all delegates he can’t afford to lose with his campaign already on life support. A loss of Florida means he cannot win this race honestly.

And he has only himself to blame.

Ever since he announced his presidential candidacy, Rubio has been a no-show at his day job of representing Florida in the U.S. Senate. He’s missed so many votes in Washington while on the campaign trial that he has been ranked as the senator with the worst voting record in America for 2015. If anyone missed that many days of work in the private sector, they’d get fired.

And if we believe the polls, that’s exactly what primary voters in Florida will do tomorrow. They will tell Rubio to hit the road.

Adriana Cohen

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