Downplaying Michael Avenatti’s arrest: CNN, MSNBC confirm their liberal bias

By November 19, 2018November 21st, 2018Liberal Bias, Politics, Pop Culture

CNN and MSNBC have confirmed what viewers have long suspected — they’re no longer news networks — they’re acting as public relations firms for the #Resistance.

Look no further than their downplaying of porn lawyer Michael Avenatti’s recent domestic violence felony arrest. Last week the huckster porn lawyer — who has appeared on Trump-bashing cable news networks more times than Stormy Daniels has stripped for dollar bills — was hauled into custody by the Los Angeles Police Department and released on $50,000 bail.

You might think, since his arrest was so newsworthy that it quickly went viral, that it would receive significant airplay on the anti-Trump TV networks. You’d be wrong.

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“Despite the fact that Avenatti granted them over 200 combined appearances on their networks, both CNN and MSNBC downplayed the charges,” reported Nicholas Fondacaro, an analyst for Media Research Center, a Conservative watchdog group.

These are the same so-called “news” outlets that went wall-to-wall in their coverage maligning the Trump administration for hiring Rob Porter, a former staffer also accused of domestic violence. The media attacks against Porter were so relentless Porter was swiftly shown the door. The media then trumpeted the damaging political narrative that the Trump administration hires “wife beaters.”

So far, there’s been no statement from CNN or MSNBC announcing they are barring Avenatti from their airwaves.

See how the media tilts the news to smear the Republican Party and its relationship with key female voters while protecting those who support Democrats?

Then there’s the outlandish treatment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. During his recent nomination hearings anti-Trump media and Democrat lawmakers alike wasted no time peddling unfounded, salacious sexual assault allegations against the respected judge while simultaneously denying poor Kavanaugh the presumption of innocence. Democrats and their lap dogs in the media told us women should be believed regardless of the evidence — or lack thereof.

If that’s the benchmark, then why aren’t cable news networks believing their boy Avenatti’s female accuser and booting him from its airwaves? It’s simple — if you loathe the president and are willing to do or say anything to malign his administration, you’re welcome with open arms on these networks.

Can you say, double standards?

To its credit, “The View,” the ladies daytime talk show — no friend to Trump — has announced it’ll disavow Avenatti from appearing on its TV show if the domestic violence allegations prove true. CNN and MSNBC meanwhile are hoping to change the subject.

This goes to prove that extreme media bias against the Trump administration can no longer be denied — it’s on full display for all to see.

Adriana Cohen

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