Draining swamp starts with skim off top

By September 30, 2017October 2nd, 2017Politics

President Trump promised to “Drain the Swamp” and he’s doing just that —even with members of his own Cabinet — with the resignation yesterday of his Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price.

This is what integrity looks like. When a politician possesses an ethical compass — and does the right thing to protect the taxpayer despite party affiliation — that’s showing backbone. That’s why we elected Donald Trump to the Oval Office.

All lawmakers in Washington should hold those who violate our trust accountable. Whether that’s rogue employees at the Veterans Administration who put our heroes on deadly waitlists or corrupt IRS agents that unlawfully target political opponents. They should all be removed from their posts. Same with government workers who abuse perks and privileges or disobey our laws.

“Get them outta here!” as Trump likes to say at his raucous rallies.

Empty-suit Democrats could learn a thing or two from our president.

Ultra-liberals like Bay State U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders relentlessly attack Republicans for every miniscule injustice — perceived or real — but spare the rod within their own caucus. Enough already. Look at Trump today.

Former President Obama can rake in millions from Wall Street in exorbitant speaking fees — well-documented in the press of late — because it just makes his party look bad.

Sorry, guys. Trump just stood up for the hard-working among us by showing Price the door.

When the IRS targeted conservative groups during the Obama days, all Democrats should have publicly condemned it in the strongest terms. Liberals know the targeting of fellow Americans for political purposes is both unlawful and morally bankrupt.

No one from either party benefits from government agencies being weaponized for political purposes. If that becomes the norm, voters will rebel at the ballot box. Dish it out today, it’ll boomerang in two to four years.

Trump realizes that and moved fast to ground Price permanently.

Weeding out bad actors and corruption in our government is every politician’s responsibility — no matter how they vote. Justice must be blind or we all lose.

Good for President Trump for practicing what he preaches. By draining the swamp within the confines of his own administration he continues to build trust with the American people. He’s clearly looking out for all of us, not just his own party.

Adriana Cohen

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