Economy is Dems’ worst nightmare

Trump’s strategies paying off

It’s the economy, stupid — that’s what the Democrats’ Impeachment hoax is really about — a political tactic by the left to distract voters from Trump’s impressive economic achievements with an endless stream of illegitimate investigations that will gobble up the media’s attention.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and their comrades on the left know full well that despite the day to day political theater coming out of Washington — voters ultimately vote with their pocketbooks.

They vote with their 401(k)s, their pensions and their wages — which have all seen significant gains in the roaring Trump economy — ushering in prosperity like we haven’t seen in decades.

As a result Democrats are absolutely terrified he’ll get re-elected.

Just look at the latest jobs report out on Friday — a total blowout — exceeding Wall Street’s expectations. In November 216,000 nonfarm payroll jobs were created — much higher than the solid 187,000 jobs that were predicted. Average hourly earnings are up 3.1% from a year ago and we’re experiencing the lowest unemployment rate at 3.5% since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969, proving the so called “experts” wrong once again.

You know which ones: the haughty liberal economists and left wing pundits with overpriced Ivy League degrees who said the economy would crash if Trump got elected in 2016.

Turns out their doomsday predictions were as reliable as a broken-down Chevy stranded on the Mass Pike in a nor’easter.

To date, the Trump administration has created a dizzying 7 million jobs, benefiting all Americans — especially the very same voters Democrats rely on to win elections. This includes black Americans who are enjoying historically low unemployment, Asians, Latinos, women and the disabled, who are thriving under the president’s America-first agenda.

It’s no wonder liberals have gone “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” launching one conspiracy theory and bogus investigation after the next against the president. They are petrified their “blue wall” will crumble come Election Day next November as President Trump is lifting millions of Americans out of poverty before our eyes.

“Today’s job report, more than any other report in recent months, squashed any lingering concerns about an imminent recession in the U.S. economy,” Gad Levanon, head of the Conference Board’s Labor Market Institute told CNBC. “Employment growth also shows no signs of slowing further despite the historically low unemployment rate.”

It’s Democrats’ worst nightmare come true. A Republican politician who delivered on his promises that if elected, America would start winning again. The latest jobs report is continued evidence that’s exactly what’s happening.

It’s no wonder liberals have gone insane. Trump’s primed to win in a landslide.

Adriana Cohen

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