Even foreign crisis can’t bring unity

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Dems refuse to back prez vs. Hezbollah

In what should be a time of unity, Democrats are attacking our commander in chief while our U.S. Embassy in Iraq is under siege by Islamist militants.

These are the same people who gave cover to then-President Barack Obama and his U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who did nothing to prevent the 2012 terrorist assault on the U.S. compound in Benghazi —- killing four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Not only did Stevens’ numerous cables to Clinton pleading for more security go unanswered, when the attack on the U.S. compound in Libya and nearby annex took place, the Obama administration failed to deploy desperately needed troops or military backup. Instead the Democratic administration pretended it was a protest that got out of hand, blaming a bogus video, lying to the American people and to the victims’ families about how their loved ones died.

Predictably the biased left-wing media also ran defense for Team Obama.

Fast-forward to today. While an Iranian-backed Iraqi militia attacked the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, storming the main gate, scaling the walls, smashing windows and setting fires, Democrats including U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren chose to blame the president.

Yesterday she tweeted, “Trump’s reckless decisions to walk away from the Iran Deal and now to launch airstrikes in Iraq without Iraqi government consent have brought us closer to war and endangered U.S. troops and diplomats. We should end the forever wars, not start new ones.”

This is the same person who campaigned for Clinton during the 2016 election despite the fact that Clinton and her heartless, self-serving comrades in the Obama administration left four Americans to die in Libya. And despite the Obama administration’s failures that allowed the rise of ISIS and strengthened Iran’s hand in the Middle East.

In contrast to the deadly inaction by Obama and Clinton, Trump quickly deployed 100 Marines to Iraq and other military backup, including two Apache helicopters, to secure the U.S. Embassy. It’s worth noting that what the Iranian-backed Iraqi militia is so irked about is a U.S. airstrike that came in response to deadly rocket attacks that left an American dead.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio tweeted, “Stunning to see some Democrats criticize @potus decision to strike Iranian proxy Kataib Hezbollah as an unnecessary irritant. Since Oct our troops faced 11 rocket attacks. Not one….ELEVEN. Eventually they killed an American but these people think we should do nothing?”

Exactly. The U.S. must respond in a language Iran and its Islamist militia proxies understand — military force — or risk emboldening future attacks on other U.S. embassies and assets throughout the Middle East.

Nonetheless, concerns of an escalating proxy war with Iran, and by default Russia, who backs the rogue regime are mounting. Some defense experts are calling for the U.S. to withdraw from Middle East and end these “forever wars.” Butothers warn that will cede control of the Middle East to Iran, Syria — and Russia. A national security disaster for the U.S., Israel and other allied nations in the region.

One thing we can count on is the president having a measured response, as to date he’s opted for sanctions and surgical strikes against enemy proxies and their assets, avoiding both full U.S. troop withdrawal and all-out war.

Contrary to the constant dire warnings that he will drag us into war, we’ve seen Trump is capable of walking this path.

Adriana Cohen

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