Everyone should rally around the MAGA teens’ rights

By January 21, 2019January 22nd, 2019First Amendment, Politics, Pop Culture

What happened to the Covington Catholic High School students on a school trip to DC last Friday should alarm every American.

Some teenagers at the March for Life Rally, who dared to use their constitutionally protected right to free speech by wearing “MAGA” hats, quickly became targets of a rabid mob of anti-Trump forces eager to perpetuate the false political narrative that white conservative men who support the president are racists and bullies who harass minorities.

A deceptively edited video of a kerfuffle between a few of the teens and a Native American man quickly went viral, to which the New York Times and scores of other Trump-hating media outlets depicted a gross mischaracterization of what happened fueling a hate filled frenzy on social media and beyond, subjecting the students to an onslaught of verbal assaults and even death threats — in addition to the possibility of expulsion from their high school.

Here’s the kicker: it was all a lie, enthusiastically disseminated by the media, Democrat lawmakers and other Trump-haters who didn’t bother to research the facts, watch the full video or hear all sides before condemning these poor kids. Now after a massive smear campaign putting the students in harm’s way, it turns out the teens were the ones harassed — not the other way around.

It also turns out the Native American man approached the boys, instigating a confrontation, not the opposite. Some in media have since apologized to the teens while other so-called “journalists” cowardly deleted their hurtful tweets without expressing an ounce of remorse for damaging the students reputations and putting them in harm’s way.

Make no mistake. Not only is free speech under attack in America today — thanks to unhinged sore losers who still can’t get over the outcome of the 2016 presidential election — they’re race baiting and dismantling our democracy by not respecting that America is a multi-party political system where citizens have a right to support whichever candidate they like without fear or backlash.

The Covington students should sue all those who wrongfully defamed them. Perhaps that will teach these scoundrels a lesson in basic decency and civility. Two vital principles sorely missing in American political discourse today.

Adriana Cohen

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