Finding a leader to keep us safe debate’s top purpose

Millions of Americans watched the GOP debate last night to decide one thing: Which of the Republican candidates will keep me and my family safe from terrorism?

We know President Obama and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have wreaked havoc with our foreign policy. They’ve allowed ISIS to rise unchecked. The jihadist group has declared war against America and is now threatening to destroy our freedom and our way of life.

The second-largest school district in the nation, Los Angeles, had to shutter all its schools yesterday — keeping home more than 640,000 students — because of the threat of a massive jihadi attack with guns and bombs.

This comes on the heels of the deadly attack in San Bernardino by a couple with links to ISIS, the worst terror attack on our soil since 9/11. And no one has forgotten the ISIS massacre in Paris or the Russian plane bombed out of the sky in October.

Escalating the threat is new information reported this week that ISIS is now encouraging jihadis in their propaganda magazine to “fight and kill” Western teachers.

Parents want to elect a strong commander in chief who will keep us and our children safe.

We want a leader who is more interested in our security than political correctness. We want a leader who will shut the border and fix our broken immigration system — someone who isn’t afraid to be bold.

We need a leader who will loosen the rules of engagement so our fighter pilots in Iraq and Syria aren’t afraid to do their jobs without penalty.

We need a president who will put a freeze on the billions ISIS has in its coffers and seize it. We need someone who will apply sanctions to any country that buys oil from ISIS.

Republicans are lucky. Any of the candidates on the stage last night — in either debate — would do a better job protecting our nation than Hillary Clinton.

If she can’t protect four Americans in Benghazi, what hope do we have that she can protect 330 million here at home?

Adriana Cohen

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