Florida Senator put GOP field on notice

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Marco Rubio is on the rise, and it’s put Jeb Bush, Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP field on notice. It’s also got the Hillary Clinton camp biting its fingernails.

In a pivotal Republican debate last week, Rubio proved that he is both a deft politician and impressive communicator who didn’t roll over to CNBC’s debate moderators — who acted more like a partisan firing squad than professional journalists. When the left-leaning moderators asked Rubio belittling and/or loaded “gotcha” questions, he pushed back — big time — and spoke out against media bias to thunderous applause.

But that’s not all that captured the nation’s attention. When Bush went after him on missed Senate votes, Rubio destroyed his Florida opponent and made him look like a deer caught in the headlights. Rubio showed that he can deliver blows while not looking mean, petty or defensive — not an easy skill to master.

Rubio reminded voters — loud and clear — that his boyish looks shouldn’t be mistaken for a lack of strength. At 44, he wiped the floor with establishment-favorite Jeb Bush. Rubio’s in third place in the polls but now, after a stellar debate performance, the money is pouring in. Rubio hauled in more than $750,000, according to reports in the hours after the debate. On Friday, he also won the highly coveted endorsement of billionaire investor and donor Paul Singer, who raised millions for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

In a letter to donors on Friday, Singer described Marco Rubio as “the best explainer of conservatism in public life today, and one of the best communicators the modern Republican Party has seen. Marco Rubio can appeal to both the head and the heart.”

This is bad news for Hillary Clinton.

Plagued with an ongoing FBI investigation over her “home brew” email server system, coupled with a failed foreign policy resume as secretary of state, Clinton is banking on winning the White House by appealing to voters to “make history” by electing the first female to the Oval Office.

Not so fast.

Adriana Cohen

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