Giving Back

Community and Charitable Support

Adriana Cohen with Community Teamwork and Milan Lucic at a Lowell Spinners game.

Adriana is an active volunteer at Community Teamworks, a homeless shelter and non profit based in Lowell, MA that supports thousands of homeless individuals across MA and houses 200 homeless families.

An active member of the local community, Adriana Cohen is also a lifelong philanthropist supporting innumerable charities, worthy causes and community programs both regionally and nationally.

Over the past 25 years, Adriana has supported dozens of worthy charities. She has donated money, time and resources, including her vacation home in Jackson Hole. She has actively fundraised for non-profits, donated professional services, established needed infrastructure, managed charity events of all kinds and created websites, marketing materials and Public Service Announcements to help non-profits grow. She has implemented successful public relations campaigns and prime time television segments to rally support and awareness for both charities and worthy causes.

No matter the day, Adriana is always committed to helping those in need and making a difference in her community, big or small.

Adriana has also built strategic partnerships and grassroots coalitions across industries to benefit non-profits. She’s led toy drives for homeless children and treated homeless children and their families to positive, educational family outings. She’s walked in Breast Cancer walks to raise money for cancer research. She’s modeled for retailers to raise money for charity and has walked the runway in fashion shows to help those in need. Adriana has mentored at-risk youth and was even awarded a Competitive College Scholarship at Montclair State University for Outstanding Community Service.

Adriana is also a volunteer at Community Teamwork, Inc., a homeless shelter and non-profit based in Lowell, MA that supports thousands of homeless individuals across Massachusetts and houses 200 homeless families. To learn more about Adriana’s charitable giving, leadership and involvement with Community Teamwork, please click here.

Education Support

Knowing that a strong education system benefits youth and is an important building block to a strong America, Adriana is also very active in supporting public and private educational institutions K-12, as well as colleges and universities that are making a positive impact on the world.

To see a list of charities, educational institutions and community programs Adriana has supported, click here.