Glut of climate misinformation chilling

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Is a thermometer a climate denier?

It must be because according to global-warming alarmists, the Earth is heating up, which will undoubtedly cause environmental “Armageddon.”

They demand our government (aka taxpayers) spend billions fighting climate change all while politicians pass job-killing regulations in the process.

I’m curious to know where the warming is taking place. My car thermometer registered negative 3 degrees last week! Pipes burst in homes and heating bills soared as the dreaded “polar vortex” swooped down from the Arctic.

But devout followers of the global warming sect insist that temperature fluctuations, including subfreezing days, have nothing to do with climate change. If it’s bitter cold outside, they say that doesn’t disprove “warming.”

Well then, what is the time frame, exactly, when one is allowed to measure the Earth’s temperature? Five years? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty? One hundred years?

In an interview on Herald Radio’s “Boston Herald Drive” this week, Richard Lindzen, an esteemed MIT professor, atmospheric physicist, meterologist and climate expert, cautioned against fearing Earth is turning into Mercury.

“Not only has there been a hiatus in temperature increase, but we have fewer hurricanes than we traditionally have,” he said. When asked if sea levels were rising, he explained, they’ve “been rising since the end of the last ice age. At a fairly slow rate. That’s normal. And it was going on long before industrialization.

“Climate scientists, until this latest hysteria, used to refer to warm periods, which was most of the Earth’s history, as being climate optima,” he said. “It has nothing to do with decarbonizing. We need carbon dioxide, it is essential to life on Earth. And we don’t have any known replacement at the moment.”

Yet in a report released yesterday, both NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, calculated that 2014 was the Earth’s hottest year on record. Hottest where exactly?

Lake Michigan was 90 percent covered in ice last year — the highest levels ever recorded, according to multiple reports. The lake was also just over 90 percent frozen in 1976, 1979 and 1994.

So bundle up. With all the constant barrage of conflicting information on climate change, the science isn’t settled. Far from it.

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