Government has no business limiting choice

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For the past four years, I’ve been fighting Concord’s overreaching and misguided bottled water ban because A.) the bottles are recyclable; and B.) I understand the importance of consumer choice.

Americans should have the freedom to choose for themselves what products they eat, drink and purchase in the marketplace without government interference. Keeping bottled water on shelves isn’t about protecting a singular product, it’s about safeguarding consumer choice, because if we allow government to strip our consumer choices, it will erode our free-market economy. It’ll also embolden power-hungry elected officials to continue to strip liberty and consumer choice in other, more important areas of our lives.

What areas, you wonder?

How about health care?

Since Oct. 1, the feds have stripped consumer choice from 5 million Americans as to what health care product they can choose for themselves and their family. Period.

Like single-serve bottled water in Concord, Obamacare has effectively “banned” millions of Americans’ existing health care plans. A health care product they liked. A health care product that included doctors they knew and trusted. A product millions of Americans could afford. Due to the all-Democrat passage of Obamacare, the overreaching government is now forcing millions of Americans to get on restricted federally mandated exchanges that cost more for services people don’t want or need.

William Shakespeare once wrote, “There’s small choice in rotten apples.” Restricting millions of Americans from accessing customizable health care options in a free-market system and reducing it to a one-size-fits-all expensive plan under Obamacare is rotten apples indeed.

The American Enterprise Institute predicts 50 million to 100 million more Americans could lose their insurance once the Obamacare mandate hits the massive employer market next year, despite recent promises made by the president delaying implementation until conveniently after the 2014 elections. Thus postponing the inevitable — a national mass stripping of consumer choice.

If people allow government to interfere in our lives and strip our freedoms, they will. The question is, will you show up at the polls in the 2014 and 2016 elections and take a stand? The choice is yours.

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