Hampshire College needs an education on what flag means

By November 30, 2016Pop Culture

Those who burn the American flag or desecrate it should visit Walter Reed Hospital and meet our wounded war heroes.

Perhaps after learning of their enormous sacrifice and courage, liberal students — most who’ve never spent a minute in a foxhole — would finally appreciate everything our precious flag represents.

That’s what spineless Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash should have told his liberally indoctrinated students instead of removing the American flag from the Amherst campus.

In a cowardly move, school officials bowed to political correctness. The flag ban also rubbed President-elect Donald Trump the wrong way. He tweeted yesterday, “ Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag — if they do, there must be consequences — perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”

Of course, he’d need to overturn laws such as the 1989 Supreme Court ruling Texas v. Johnson, which protects flag burning under our First Amendment rights before acting on his tweet — but his point was made.

No ungrateful American should dishonor our flag or country, which provides more freedom to more people than anyplace in the world. Our brave military and veterans know full well that freedom isn’t free. It must be vigilantly protected on a daily basis, or tyrannical governments, or even terrorists like ISIS, will be happy to take it away.

Take women and gays living in the Middle East. Under Sharia, women are oppressed. They are denied the right to drive, work, get an education or even choose to marry the man they love. They are stripped of human rights and dignity, forced into burkas and subjected to “honor killings.” Many Muslim countries also permit men to beat their wives, while also allowing child brides, an unspeakable ­human rights horror.

If that’s not atrocious enough, gays are thrown off rooftops or executed for their sexual orientation. Forget the notion of due process or the concept of freedom of speech. It simply doesn’t exist in many places around the world. Those are the lessons that universities should be teaching. Not lefty subject matter with dark, anti-American sentiment.

Hampshire College must restore the American flag at once. To not do so is an insult to every American and soldier who cherishes everything our flag symbolizes: freedom, democracy and hope.

Adriana Cohen

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